Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Glad she’s ok. Not all that go missing are that lucky, I hope she keeps herself safe.


Just went up to ten mg.


? Sorry I don’t understand, what’s “mg”?


Oh! Milligrams of Lexapro! @Modestakieran


Fell off the wagon for a while but I know I really should not drink and need to try to stop again. So I’m here back at Day 1.


Captains log 3 months! I am truly blessed by God who helps me every day and everyone he has put in my life to help me. This is a much better way of life. I’m no longer just existing I am living.


Checking in day 553. On my way to an interview then a phone interview later. Always keeping my options open. Hope everyone has a safe and sober Thursday.


I’ve mostly been at 20 mg the last 16 years, but we up it sometimes if I’m feeling down. I’m at 40 mg right now, which is as high as we ever go.


The day six


Hi @Ninetales we had the meeting and it went fine…they asked how I was doing…and that was easy…I have never felt better! Thanks for caring that is really nice of you :grin:


Great news! Thanks for letting me know it went well.


Day 158
It was a long day again, but “only” a 11,5 hours shift. But I had a nice long break that I spent with my collegue and friend, we had some fish and chips in the beautiful park near the hospital I work at :star_struck:
It’s hot as hell here and it did just rain, the air smells awesome! But now humidity is on 95% ghaaaaaaa :rofl: I ate, was lazy and now I’ll have a shower and wrap me up in my bed like a burrito :heart_eyes:
Countdown til my hell job ends: 10 days


Day 11 ! Having a very different experience sober than I have in the past. On one hand, things are really great. I’m not even thinking about alcohol really, and it doesn’t feel like a struggle to stay sober at all. On the other hand, I have no pink Cloud feelings at all. I’m not feeling inspired by being sober. I’m not feeling particular stoked on it. I think there’s just a lot of other stuff going on in my life right now, so it’s hard to keep things all in a line. I’m at the start of a new relationship with someone I really care about, and I’m not one to date usually. I think all of the feelings I’m having about me and him, the anxiety the excitement and everything else, are keeping me from feeling really anything at all about sobriety. The good news is he’s totally sober. He’s actually in recovery and will have 9 months in a few weeks. It does scare me a little as addicts maybe shouldn’t date addicts, but I found something in him that I’ve never found in someone before. I’m definitely falling for him.


Checking in.

Negative: today I felt bored and really struggled with how to use my time which meant a lot of thoughts about substances were consuming me.

Positive: I did not give into those thoughts and despite boredom, my anxiety wasn’t too bad today. I also had an amazing devotional through the book of John which really pumped me up!


Day 26.
Last night I apparently woke up in the middle of the night and opened up to my husband about how lonely I am in this marriage.
This morning, my husband told me that when he looks at me he no longer feels love and I told him it sounds like we need to file for divorce.
Then I had four teeth removed and a temporary bridge put in.
I think I’m going to teach myself how to crochet so I can make a blanket called rings of change… There’s no comparable knitted version :woman_shrugging:t3:
I don’t even know, y’all.


I’m sorry you’re going through that. Crocheting sounds like a good outlet. Being lonely in a marriage sucks, and it’s definitely good you’re talking about it, whatever may come. Hugs.


Day 27. Very lethargic and sore today, but it’s due to walking and dancing a bunch yesterday, so that’s good. Made the mistake of wearing boots on my walk and got a nasty blood blister, oops.


Couldn’t even make it 2 days before I drank. The past few times I’ve drank, I realized, I haven’t even enjoyed it. I haven’t enjoyed what I was drinking, I got drunk which simultaneously felt good and bad at the same time, then woke up hungover which sucked. So what the hell. Fuck this. I’m done. I’m doing this.

I joined Patreon again, right now at the lowest level until I feel more secure about myself. But I’m back. I’m done with this crap. I can do this.


Yes, you can. You were doing this when I joined the forum, and you are back now. Do it again.


I guess Nancy Sinatra was lying…those boots weren’t made for walkin’