Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Checking in day 37 sober :blossom:


Day 1 again too…feels like I have been hitting reset everyday for 2 weeks…ugh…sounds like u are doing well - keep pushing


Checking in now, Day 1 again… I never want to drink in the day/afternoon at all, so fine for the moment…just night time. Feel a bit ick and pissed off from relapsing last night. Hoping tonight is more easily doable.


Checking in after some gap. It’s day 359. Inching towards 365 days. Thank god for keeping me strong.


Day 48 sober complete.

Good thing of the day: I turned autocorrect off on my phone and I’ve been much less angry tonight because I don’t have a stupid program thinking it knows the words I want to use better than I do.

Bad thing of the day: AC is still broken, so it was a hot, sticky day.

Good night all you beautiful sober people! Keep it up!


Good morning day 448! :sun_with_face:

Woke up with a cold, so typical when we are now finally getting done with the last versions of the thesis. All adjustments made so now only reading it through a couple of times today to check for eventual errors. Handing in the absolute final version today I Hope. Head is not really clear but it will be ok :blush:

Stay strong and sober you all​:muscle::purple_heart:


Day 176, goodmorning! 8:24 here, coffee!
Try to make the new work schedule for july for me and me colleaguas :confounded: It’s hard, to many days and less man houres to fill it with.

Schedule= rooster
Colleaguas= collega’s
Hard= moeilijk
Less= minder

Tomorrow I play wit my band at a big Sambafestival, but the weatherforecast says: thunderstorm and lots of rain! :astonished: Fingers crossed!
Have a nice sober day! :kiss:


Morning! Start of day 7. Reason of the day: liver function test on Monday


Where are you from?


Day 392, looking forward to the weekend. I have no plans except to pack and get ready for my trip to Ibiza next weekend. I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend, it’s been a busy busy week, but a very positive week. My job is going incredibly well at the moment, I am very lucky and I have sobriety to thank for so much of the positive things in my life. I am no longer a zombie.

Have a great day everyone. Stay strong and stay sober.


Yes you can, hangover free life is amazing, let’s go @BrookieB we’re here to support you.


Checking in for another sober day! Yesterday I had a realy bad mood in the morning and afternoon. For a moment I was “thinking” to have a drink… But the positive part of my brain said noooo your are not! :sunglasses::smiley: In the evening I felt better again and I had a good sleep.

I wish Everyone a great sober day! :heart_eyes::sunglasses::muscle:t3:


Oh nooo… I hope Its not raining at your festival tomorrow… I never trust the weatherforcast, most of the time it’s not acurate. You will have sunshine in Heerlen tomorrow :yum::sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face::+1:t3:


Day 175 :slight_smile: hiking, walking, sightseeing :slight_smile: some much to see ad enjoy instead of sitting in a bar and drinking :sunglasses:


Checking in day 11… Didn’t sleep but maybe 2 hours last night. Nasty migraine and the stuff I took for it had/still has me wired. At least it was super easy to wake up Haha. Hoping it doesn’t last as long as it usually does. Either way, I’m sure it will be more tolerable sober! Have a great day everyone.


If you do crochet that, I would love to see it! I can’t knit for shit but I have been making my first blanket this past year crocheting. Finally figured it out after 20 years lol.

So sorry to hear about your divorce but I’ve gotta tell you, if it’s not a short term feeling, that means you aren’t in the right place. Going thru almost the same thing myself. Loneliness when you’re with someone is a whole different feeling than just being lonely on your own, it’s more isolating I think personally. So, the only way to feel better is to change things! Keep and open mind and heart in the process when you can and know that better days are coming. :heart: Hugs!


90 days!!!

Today I am at 90 days. Man, 3 months. The longest I was ever sober before this was 30 days. Well, usually 29 because on day 30 I would start drinking again. I would teeter on the do I have a problem and the no, I know people worse off than me and if they don’t have a problem, therefore I don’t! And I just quit for 30 days so I can’t have a problem and just started right back in again.

This time, at 90 days I still know I have a drinking issue, so I just keep going, one day at a time. My thoughts and emotions are clear. My skin is clearer. I’m becoming vibrant and healthier again. Its amazing! When I started this journey, I had no time frame in mind. Just knew I needed to quit. After my first relapse a week in, I knew I needed this more than ever, I was sicker than I had ever been and everything in life was dysfunctional. Relationships, dog training, the kids, my work, my health, my eating habits.

Since then, I have changed everything. My eating habits are on the mend, some exercise is happening (work in progress), dog training is actually happening, the kids don’t see us as alcoholic messes anymore, I hardly call out sick now because I’m not too sick to go in from the booze, I don’t wake up with my breath reeking of a brewery anymore, the house is cleaner, my health is improving as I am working with a GI doctor on issues I’ve had for years and I’m leaving a relationship that hasn’t worked for me in a really long time, I was just too drunk to truly notice. I also took on these huge classes and have made sure to have Gramma days every week, these are things that I never could have accomplished while drinking.

It’s a process and an emotional rollercoaster still some days but I feel like my 180 day post will have a lot of these things fine tuned and a lot of solid progress will be made between now and then. And the best part is, today is Friday and I don’t remotely want to drink, even after a lifetime of weekend drinking. I just keep getting after it, one day at a time! Woot woot!

Happy sober Friday everyone!


I talked to my mother last night and she said much the same. 20mg is her stable dosage but they will go up to 30 when it’s needed. We are taking it slow because of the side effects and the craziness with coming off the Seroquel, but I’m pretty sure she wants me to get to 20. Also she didn’t want to just shoot straight to the higher dose if I can manage a lower dose. It’s a shitty rollercoaster, but hopefully worth it.


Day 354. Got to work and there are contractors everywhere. We need a lot of stuff fixed, just wish the owners would have got some of them done when they first needed to be done instead of us trying to open a restaurant around 20 people working like crazy. But oh well. Feeling a bit better than yesterday, not ready to curl up in a ball and ignore the world. It’s a great feeling.

Hope everyone has a strong 24 hours! Let’s get another day!


Hi! I was just going to open a thread about it, to ask for people’s experiences with disulfiram/ esperal.
I would REALLY appreciate it if you could tell me what you know.
Thanks in advance.