Checking in daily to help maintain focus


I have total faith that you can do this! You did it before and were so happy and positive on the changes you were going through. Just keep reaching out for support and believe in yourself.


How did it go??? I’ve been thinking about your trip all week lol. I’m excited for you!!!


London, UK


Day 5. Got a good workout in this morning, work isn’t too bad, and it’s Friday. Have a strong day!


This means that the final version of our thesis is sent. 10 weeks of unbelievably hard work :muscle::muscle::muscle: I am so so sooooo proud. No matter what grade we get, we have done everything in our power to do the best we can do.

This project has the possibility to help patients with neglect after stroke to recover faster. A topic close to my heart and also part of my future career.

I can’t believe it, we did it!!! :muscle::muscle::muscle:

Whatever you do out there, don’t ever give up on your dream - EVER! :star:


I hope you are right! And indeed I’ll play in Heerlen :blush:


Tonight at 8 PM will mark 24 hours. I’m determined.


I’m sorry that you had a sad day, I hope today it’s better? Stay strong hun, rest and enjoy some soulfood :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Wohoo! Made me smile reading this :heart_eyes::star_struck: Way to go!


You’ll rock this 24 hours! Believe you can and you will!


Day 159
Work was…nevermind. It’s friiiidaaaay! It’s sunny! I have a delicious smoothie near me and just visited a collegue who’s going to move out of her apartment in 4 months bc they’ve bought a house and maybeeee I am the one who’s the next tenant of this apartment. It’s cute, bigger as my tiny box I live in now and in a beautiful district of my town. I’m so excited although nothing will happen the next weeks but…aaaaaah it’s so cute and I want it!!!
Wishing you a beautiful sober friday friends :kissing_closed_eyes:


That’s going crazy there. You should get out of it. It’s ridiculous. And I think my job is bad :wink:


I feel you. Hope you’re getting over it.


Yup, I’m going to get out of this…in 9 days :sparkles::tada:


I was on that rollercoaster for about 12 years. It sucks. But, yes, it is so worth it if you find the right meds. I wish you luck!


So proud of you! 90 days was real hard for me to overcome for so long…I’ve had three months several times but never could go further…you have the right attitude and spirit in you to make it one day at a time.


149 today…What a great day of recovery. Been outside exercising and have eaten well and played some pool with other people in recovery…a friend had his 6 year cake today and another one turned 35 (huuman years, not AA) got to be of use for people and now just home chilling and listening to some music while reading what you all have been up to today…Tomorrow is saturday and it will be awesome :slight_smile:


Day 9, feeling ok :slight_smile:


Double digits tomorrow…congrats.


Wonderful to hear! Keep on keeping on!