Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 77…Boss started vacation…been doing his job and my job in half the time he “does” his job. The little weiner set up all sorts of road blocks to trip me up. Idiot doesnt realize that I am stubborn and will blow right past them. Not even craving a drink…but I could go for a ton of tacos right now…


End of day 7. Glad I have a liver function test on Monday… it’s helped get me through dangerous thoughts today.


Hmmmm. Vacation and tacos! I could go for both of those!


Well done @MandiH . I see your posts on the forum alot and i can tell that you are strong and really have found that all important state of mind of being free from alcohol… keep it going it just gets better :grin:


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Yumm tacos. Don’t forget the guacamole.


Good job! You got this


Checking in! I did it so far today! t- 7 hours to go :slight_smile: thank you guys so much for being here, it has really boosted my recovery and my motivation and I am super thankful!


Today is day 77. The past few days have been easy. I got through my 1st social event last night. I not only did not drink, but checked with my waitresses to be sure she didn’t mix up my order with the others at my table. Long story short, I enjoyed every sip of my lemonade, and appreciated being able to do that and have a clear head. . Enjoying sobriety.




Great job twin!!


Congratulations :confetti_ball:


I hope you’ve found peace :v:


@Benedictine second what @NewPerspective said. Sorry you’ve been having a sad time. :rainbow::blush:


Same to you twin :slight_smile:


Congratulations! I’m so excited for you! You’ve been so strong, and I know you will continue to be strong. I lift my ginger beer to you!


Thank you my sober triplet, we’re still doing it together! :heart:


Coming home after a double at work. Really would love to wind down with a glass of wine…or a cigarette. But just going to go home and make some hot tea to relax.


Awesome! Congrats! I just passed the 90 day Mark this week as well. Feels great doesn’t it. Keep up the good work


Yes, technically I have 49 days sober, but secretly I think of it as 1/2 a beer in the last 90 days. Shhhh!