Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Yes!!! It’s the absolute best. This is my 2nd one and I’m just so in love with it!


Checking in day 12! Lots of work to do today. We close on the house in 3 weeks so I’ll be packing like crazy and selling tons of stuff.

So this happened yesterday!!! I have never turned down a wine date and admitted to not drinking. I always wanted to keep it to myself in case I failed, and also was afraid of being judged. I would say it went pretty well! I honestly super proud of myself.


Day 355. My brain isn’t having it today, but inhale a pretty good day yesterday so I know this won’t last. At work, irritable as hell. Oh well. Gotta make that money! The kitchen manager left for vacation after work yesterday and I’m pretty sure they are going to be calling my damn name all day for the next ten days. I just want to go home already. I’ll try to keep my irritation in check and make it through the day.

Ten days till a year. If I can do it ANYONE can! Let’s get after it!


One week today!!! The difference between me today and only one week ago is amazing. Last weekend I was kicking and sweating and puking and wallowing is self disdain—this weekend I feel alive and excited that it’s a new day!! After my withdraws ended I forced myself to be productive and do the daily grind. At first it felt horrible then slowly it started to feel good and then I started to embrace it!! I’ve had some major triggers this week but I pulled through and used this app every time!! I also have been praying a lot more as well and trying to see all I have to be grateful for and thanking God for His blessings. I think about goals I want to achieve that alcohol will destroy for me. Thinking about how painful it was physically when I stopped and all the people I hurt is something I do too in that moment. I have never truly kept my mind in the present before either but this time when I try to race forward to tomorrow or next week or months from now I make an effort to pull back and focus on RIGHT NOW. Can I also mention that sober sleep is THE BEST SLEEP EVERRRR?! Thank you friends for the support!!! One day at a time! :heart:️:raised_hands:t4::pray:t4:


Day 6. Today is a big one, as I’m working with my BBQ team, who like to drink during/after events. They know my deal, respect it, and have said they hope the best for me in my journey.

Have a strong day everyone!


Good morning friends - day 2! Slept ok and went to the gym and for a run/walk in the park… have to keep myself busy - my wife usually goes out most of the day shopping on Saturday, so this is a big trap for me… I’ll try to drink a gallon of water and work my butt off in the yard today. Have a great day. I hope to report back tonight on a successful day 2!


Good luck, you’ve got this today!


I’ve been there many, many times. Don’t give up. All you can do is try.


@MandiH Congratulations on 90 days!!


There is no hope to…you will do it. Drinking is simply not an option any more…my mantra that I repeat daily


Checking in. Day 515. This morning I will be going on a three mile walk to get coffee and a bagel with a good friend. He doesn’t know I am a drunk, just that I stopped drinking. He is a “one martini a day” kind of guy. It is going to be in the 90s today in DEN. Keep Sober and Carry On.


Day 29 and determined not to drink. Honestly I’m struggling more with another goal, not talking to a person I no longer have contact with. They probably wouldn’t respond, I’ve deleted their number, and it’s been 64 days since I last texted them. I’ve been obsessing though, which upsets me. For anyone else who has struggled to cut someone toxic out of your life, what helped you to forget them, besides time? I’m not sure what has triggered this, maybe hitting the two month mark? I’m sad that they haven’t reached out to me, and mad at myself for wanting them to.


Day 140. Good morning! About to go for a run and then errands and getting ready to throw a big bday bash for my daughter and her bestie’s 13th. Should be crazy but fun and she is sooooo excited to be 13 even though it’s hard for me to believe.
I’m doing well in sobriety and really settling into this new way of life. I dont think about alcohol as much but I never let my guard down, I go to meetings and do the step work and know that sobriety requires every day work. But it’s SO WORTH IT! Happy Saturday friends!:blush:


Day 179, staying to come down with some kind of sickness. That’s what I get for going through 3 airports this week. Hope you all have a sober day!


I have done this with an addict that ended up going to prison because of his pill addiction-mine is alcohol. There was nothing good about our relationship but I felt he was everything to me. Yes him going to prison helped me stay away… But what I did to stop hurting was to kill him in my mind. I thought of every terrible thing between us. I constantly reminded myself of the kind of person he was-he was so toxic. And the kind of person I was while I was with him. And that if I was being honest with myself, I had always felt he wasn’t right for me. The alcohol kept me numb to his negativity and behavior. I wrote a letter to him while he was in prison, I never gave it to him. But it explained exactly how I felt and why I was moving on.

I hope you find your peace…


We got quite a lot in common. Music and food. I am part of a catering Group called Culinary Gangster :sunglasses: love the BM BBQ


Checking in. Sober for 12 days. Just looking at all the booze and beer in my home… Yes still, seems to remind me of a past life already. Any suggestions on what to do with all this poison? Thanks everyone for your support. I come here everyday and just reading posts has really helped me to stay focused. :+1::heart:️:grin:


Thanks for the support.


Thanks for all the support.


We will be visiting my daughter in Denver next month. I’ve never been there in the summer. I hear its gorgeous.