Checking in daily to help maintain focus


I grew up in Aurora


It is. And lots to do.


Just right next door.


Day 337. Watching an old movie.
“… what happened? Its going to be alright. I get you some brandy. Here take it like a medicin… “


Knowing I have a problem with booze it’s odd how it’s so interwoven into society. I could never see it before. Have a glass of wine it’s good for the heart. Dutch courage you’ll be OK. It’s your birthday it’s OK to get trashed.

I’m convinced if Alcohol were a newly invented drug today it’s that potent it would be a class A.


So today is day 3, man talk about crazzzy dreams :sleeping::confused: And can anyone give some insight to feeling hungover when Im clean and sober?


I went to take a friends dog out today…went to some local hipster cafe and the barista/bartender got the dog a beer for dogs…never seen one before…so freakin cool…So there we were to addicts having coffee and tea and the dog drinking his beer…after that I had this graduation party for walkers helsinki…it’s an organisation that does youth work with 13-17 year olds…I did the voluntary course and then 4 training days and now I got my diploma etc to become a legit volunteer in there…yippee…the party had almost everyone else drinking alcohol, I had some mineral water…sang some karaoke and other fun things…Because they all know that I’m an alcoholic/addict it wasn’t anywhere near uncomfortable…also I didn’t feel the least bit tempted about the booze…this was the first party I went to after getting sober so I was kinda on high alert about how I was feeling and thinking…but it turned out to be just a fun night…Now I know that I can join parties like this in the future as long as I keep in mind who I am…


Congratulations on your graduation for that volunteer orginization!!


8pm is 2 days…got over an intense craving today, thank you @Kmills888 for helping!

So so so so so much harder the 2nd time around. I know it will get better but withdrawal and cravings SUCK!!!


21 days. Managed to get through some significant triggers and cravings the last 3 weeks so yay for me and more importantly yay for all you lovely people who help me get through the tough bits with your loveliness xx


Removing people from your life who prevent you from being the best version of yourself you can be is always a good thing. It’s great that you recognized your need to focus on you and your sobriety. Don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of your happiness.


Did really well today coping with huge stress from an idiot who is unfortunately unavoidable. So these last few posts are really relevant to me. I want to live my own life and see other people’s problems as just that… their own problems, rather than as issues for me.

Your low quality personality is your problem, don’t try to make it mine. People I like, on the other hand, are welcome.


Throwwww ittttt outtttt!!


Culinary Gangsters is a killlller name! We went the black metal route since we all love metal, especially black and doomy stoner jams.


Thank you! I’m happy to report I made it through this scorcher of a day with 0.0 drinks!


9pm EDT will mark 2 full, successful days. Today was spent talking myself out of finding reason to drink. Plenty of opportunities, but kept reminding myself that this nonsense has to stop sometime. Working through this next hour at a meeting.


Day 17,

I felt pretty heavily that I was going to relapse a few minutes ago, I was thinking about it, until I came on here. You guys somehow have a way of pulling me back to my senses without actually talking to me. It’s a great feeling. Makes you realize you’re stronger than you think.



I lived on here for weeks!


Binge-watching Netflix instead of binge-drinking on this Saturday night :joy:checking in day 39 :heart:


Day 11. Feeling ok