Checking in daily to help maintain focus


So grateful you guys are all here! I smile recovering from an eating disorder and am struggling right now… Eating too late always is a trigger and now I’m super anxious. Thanks for being strong so I can be


*am recovering. Not smile. I wish it was smile


I actually am smkling- I was going toindlessly eat a granola bar because I was anxious and then I codnt open it for some reason. Ah, god is good :slight_smile:


Give it away to a friend who still drinks but knows you don’t.


450 days - Wow!

Was at a new meeting last night - Saturday night live. Really great! :blush: Sobriety is still working really well. I am in this great flow since 24 days :green_heart: Can’t decide if I should go to the Sunday morning, 2 speaker breakfast meeting. I know where all those debates in my head take me so I am getting up now and going.

The picture is a reflection of my Journey in sobriety, up and down and the weather changes. Sometimes the clouds are really dark. Right now they are not though!

If I can do 450 days, one at a time, so can you :muscle::sun_with_face::pray::seedling:


Day 178, I had a great day yesterday. Playing with my sambaband at a big sambafestival in the Netherlands. Tired, but proud of our band :sunglasses:

Artist= artiest
Music= muziek
Drum= trommel
Playing= spelen

Have a beautiful relaxed sunday! :kiss:


I hope yoir interview went well


Day 14 but at 3pm its 15 days


Checking in sober day 9


Day 394, sober hangover free Sunday mornings are even better than Saturdays as you know it’s a quiet day ahead if you got your errands done on a Saturday. These things you realise when you’re sober are amazing.


Day 92.

I got my garden done yesterday, I was an idiot and didn’t wear sunscreen because it was only hot for the first 5 minutes, after that a beautiful breeze rolled in for the rest of the day so my back looks like I’m a natural born lobster I think. Today I’m off to play in the sun, sand and saltwater with as many clothes as I can stand lol.

Also got to see this cool guy last night, I had a lot of bird visitors while I worked planting seeds and setting up the new garden but he’s the only one I got a photo of.

Oh and the reason for the beach day today is because it’s my girlfriend’s birthday. The bonus to me not drinking (in addition to the fact I need true hydration) is I get to drive her new car home as she plans on drinking there! Score!


I wonder If the Samba thing was international cause there was one in Helsinki aswell…they were themed Pirates??? Weird

Only took one pic while walking past and that seems to suck :yum:


Day 1…on my journey to rid myself of drink. Will sign in here everyday… need to do this for my beautiful children. Best wishes and strength to all.


Congratulations on your graduation! Youth work is a honorable thing to do :+1::heart:


Checking in… Starting Day 2 with no alcohol. Determined to win!!


Me too, just by reading on here I felt better and stronger in my sobriety. This saved me from doing stupid things often :+1:


Well done @Meyka03 you are doing great :grin:Its day 3 for me…been a rough day with plenty of self loathing. I hope your second day was better than your first


Day 161
Man I am so tired…yesterday I was sneezing constantly the whole day and today I look like dead and I feel as I look :joy: Thanks allergy. Having a celery juice now and then making some porridge :green_heart:
Don’t know what to do today as my region again got a storm warning :angry:
We’ll see :blush: Have a beautiful sober day friends :kissing_heart:


Good morning friends. Day 3 ahead of me. I have a charity golf tournament today. Can’t remember ever doing that sober. I’ll need strength. Have a great day.


No, not international. But there are always a lot of Samba festivals in the summer. At least here in the Netherlands :grinning: