Checking in daily to maintain focus #16

To continue from Checking in daily to maintain focus #15

Bring it on ! :grinning:


Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night. Got out of bed early to walk the dog.
Feel happy and energetic. My boss is asking for someone to work this afternoon, considering taking the shift, but hesitant due to the one hour break between that shift and the shift I already have this evening and me hating long breaks.
Looking forward to a wonderful day


Day :eight::one:

  1. Still waiting for my covid test result. In an hour the 48 hours they said it would take at most will have passed. The talk to the mental health nurse working with my GP didn’t went well. Totally felt not taken seriously. Too much went wrong in our conversation to explain. Consulting by phone is hard that’s one thing. Back to my GP I go. ASAP.
    So still home. I need some groceries. I could call a friend to do them for me. I will if needed. I’m bored but there’s a lot of chores I could and should do. I will do some. Sober and clean. Have a good day all. Love from Amsterdam. The pic is from camping on the Northeastern tip of the country two years ago. Wish I was there.

    @M-be-free49 Maybe this is the time to tell you quit drinking. Or maybe not. Not telling you what to do in any way. I would get rid of the wine as fats as possible. Not a good idea to have them around. Stay strong and stay here friend.
    @purr If you do what is best for your kitty you’re the best cat mum possible Liliane. I understand it must be hard for you. Hugs.

Where exactly?

Hongerige Wolf. Very small festival in Groningen province. Next to the Dollard, looking at Germany on the other side.


Haven’t heard of it, but then again, it hasn’t been a year since I moved to Groningen. You should visit Fryslân. Also very pretty. And we have our own language

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@M-be-free49 Ah! A fellow Leo! You obviously must be an amazing person. :laughing: Happy birthday to the awesome crew :sunglasses: It sounds like you have a nice day planned! I think going out of town is a really good plan. What is your plan for any possible wine bottles that come your way next week as ‘belated birthday gifts’?

If I lived anywhere near you, I might take you up on that–without the cat though. lol My SO has Friday off because it’s a state holiday where I live (a holiday birthday has always been a mix of good and bad), so we’ll be spending some of the day together. I’ll be spending some of Saturday with my ex lover, and then I have some friends who are trying to get together with me on some other days. It’s rarely a one day event.

Thank you for the best wishes for my cat. You’re doing great at 23 days. Keep going. You’ve got this!

@purr Thank you! It was very successful. Zelda seems to be exhausted from the chaos, but at least she’s eaten some food and drank some water this evening, so I’ll take that. I’ll hear back from the vet tomorrow about the xrays and then we’ll go from there. My birthday is on a state holiday, so it’s always kind of a crazy time and then I have a lot of people who want to help me celebrate. I think the crazy this year will be less because of COVID–no parades, less people at the parks, thought still more fireworks than I’d like–but on the social end people still want to spend time with me. I’m like you though, when I shut down my social calendar, it’s not good. I’m trying to force myself not to do that. I know it will be good for me to spend time with others, so I will.

I hope you’re able to find a good home for your cat. You didn’t fail him. It’s not your fault you can’t keep him. Sometimes these things happen and you’re doing the best you can.


I spent a lot of time in Fryslân as a kid, my family had a holiday home in the Súdwesthoek. Had some great summer vacations there. I can understand Frysk OK.

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Moaie taal net?

Interesting one anyway. More like old (pre-Normandic) English than Dutch or German. I did hear “Fryslân Boppe, Hollân yn’e groppe” a bit too much being there :crazy_face:

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Nice village, nice people, nice festival but the prices they ask for a ticket are way too high…

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day 93.93… A day in history for the books. I had to purchase my first ever mask… The first of many to come im predicting unfortunetly…commence phase zombie apocalypse… Player one : ready :joy::pray::heartpulse:


Ugh, I hate people who say that constantly. It’s the 21st century, no more room for this rivalry. I now live in Groningen and no one really gives a shit about the fact that I’m Frysian. A lot of Frysians have way too much pride about their nationality imo


Checking in sober, but it feels like I have been hungover the past few days actually. I’ve been super tired lately, and getting out of bed has taken me almost an hour - and now I realized what it resembled, it resembled hangover! Foggy brain, muscles sore, headache, dry mouth, wanna keep on sleeping…

Today I have no plans except FaceTime with my friend on the evening, but I feel like I should be doing something? Like I should at least go and hang with the children? Idk. It’ll come to me.


Checking in day 4 !


Checking in. Rough afternoon yesterday when received a call at my work that little guy had accident at school camp and I should take him for stitches. Above his eye. Off to emergency room we went. The needles to freeze were pretty awful for him. He clung to me so hard after. But the stitching went better. A bit anyway. Friends texting me to have a drink when I got home. The damn thought passed my mind. But it did just that and passed.
My father in law showed up and said “you didn’t cry did you? Because you’re brave and you don’t cry.” Sigh. Then he fibbed that he didn’t cry and looked ashamed. I said yeah you cried a bit and that is ok and you are still super brave. He’ll have some cool stitches and a bruised cheekbone to show his friends.
It’s 6am and he’s been awake a bit in his room but staying in there which is good. Normally he’s yelling for me at 5am lol. Have a great day


Oh darling, I hope he is feeling OK!?! Bless him :grimacing::heartpulse::pray:


That’s the spirit go get um champ!

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Oh poor babe! That’s so scary for him. What a brave little soldier! Tell him I think hes a champ!!:heart::blush:
Edit: just realized that it was said prior to my post!:face_with_hand_over_mouth::smile:
He really is one!