Checking in daily to maintain focus #26

Thank you for the encouragement!

I’m on day 4! Woo HOO!

How are you doing today?

Where are you getting these memes? I’d love to see them.


What’s up???
Day 4!
How are you today?
I went on a run and long walk, sat in on half a church service haha and am enjoying a sunny Sunday.
Hope you’re well.


All it takes from me is a cowboy hat? Count me in too @M-be-free49 You got yourself a deal!


Checking in at the end of day 35. Hardest of all 35 today, but I am sober and it’s bed time, so it’s a win.
Goodnight, wherever you are. :sleeping::zzz:


@zzz congrats on 60 days :tada:
@RosaCanDo that sounds like a very pleasant Sunday, I didn’t know they had a new album out, will have to give that a listen :smiley:

181 days no alcohol.
149 days no cocaine.

Thank you so much for the support and congrats that followed my post yesterday. I managed to resist pizza last night but gave in today. Hopefully that’s all my cravings played out and I can get serious about my diet again, I just had my delivery of another 4 week’s worth of shakes so by the time I’ve got through them I should be another stone down :crossed_fingers:t2:

I did my meditations this morning and caught up on here some. Watched a little TV when the pizza came, full disclosure I had ice cream too! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Maybe I can look at it is a celebration for 6 months alcohol free, especially as it was birthday cake flavour ice cream.

I’m seeing the specialist tomorrow afternoon for a biomechanics assessment to see what more they can do to help with the pain in my feet and legs. I’m nervous but hopeful and glad the appointment has rolled around fairly quickly.

I hope you’ve all had relaxing sober weekends :blue_heart:


@mejorando, We have an entire meme thread to keep you busy. Here’s the link @M-be-free49 is referring to.

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Checking in Feb 7 2021
Alcohol 463 days sober
Marijuana 798 days sober
Cigarettes 403 days sober …

This whole work things has me stressing out looking for a stable career just trying to find my spot and nothing seems to be working out today for the first time in the longest i had thoughts of rolling up a joint wouldnt be so bad :frowning: hope things get better for now i have to keep looking at my positives and realize how far ive come :pray: cant let this situation bring all my hardwork to a crash have an awesome day everyone

EDIT : i went out of town on a chicken pasta chocolate muffin and cheese :frowning: my mind starting playing around with the idea that this doesnt hit as good as a drag of a cigarette would or a 40oz malt liqour but i cant im stronger then that and i will get through this day i will not go back i cant go back 🤦:angry::triumph::triumph::triumph:


I’ve been sober for 23 days!


Hi everyone. Well, I’ve made it to Egypt, and am now in the city of Hurghada, on the coast of the Red Sea. Scuba diving tomorrow, and then an insanely long day on Tuesday with a bus tour to Cairo and the Pyramids. It’s a long drive each way, so the bus leaves at 3 AM !!! Good thing that I can sleep on moving vehicles… and at least I don’t have to do the driving.
Anyway, the flight here was fine, and so is the resort, but wow, does everyone push alcohol !! On the flight, they must have asked me 4 times if I would like any wine or anything… I was tempted ! And this resort is an all-inclusive place, so they push alcohol pretty heavily too, in my opinion. You wouldn’t think so in a mostly Muslim country, but there it is.
Anyway, I hope that you are all well.


Look forward to hearing about the dive, enjoy!


Day 21. Felt a brief moment of weakness come on yesterday, very briefly. Bloody saturdays!! Didnt buckle though and felt even happier for it this morning.

Out walking all day in what felt like spring in the sunshine. A stark contrast to the snow some were experiencing. (UK)

Keep trooping on gang!


Checking in for tonight :blush:
Tomorow i start my new job LETS F**** GOOO !
Iam so pumped and ready to go to work lets get this money monday morning hurry up lets goo
Ready for my week also ready to burn these calories i racked up this weekend im still proud of my 31 pound weightloss out of 79 iam not going down i get back up ! :upside_down_face:


Good luck for your new job @Truckinmonster21 !!

Awesome pics @Soundlabwell done staying strong!!

Have an amazing sober scuba holiday @fokusnik

I’m great thanks for asking @mejorando well done on 4 days!

@cwak are you ok?

Good luck for the interview @Thirdmonkey !


Thank you it means alot :pray:

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Congrats man!!

Your fucking killing it!! Good luck tomorrow!

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Good evening friends, finishing up a successful day 85 at a meeting. Recording the Super Bowl. Will watch later if it’s a good game.

Have a great evening!


Day 232,

Back at work for my quick turnaround, I did something yesterday and over the next few days that’s been very freeing, I overcame the anxiety of posting my story for all to see, I really really wrote it out, very in depth, it’s almost like a breaking of the chains. It felt good, people read it, responded it made me grateful

Super Bowl Sunday it is

Someone who’s growing of importance in my life said something last night, told me not to let my past define me, im but there anymore we all faced the manipulation and darks of our past, look forward to a brighter future :heart:


Appreciate it means everything right now !
I was kinda down earlier today in my post but with a bit of patience and hope things can definitly turn around :pray:


@Misokatsu and @Tyler2020 congrats on 6 months guys. You’re doing great . @M-be-free49 congrats on your 222 days awesome sauce much love