Children Noticing Effects of Your Drinking

Have your children ever said anything to you about your drinking? My 7 year old said something to me tonight that broke my heart. He is noticing how my eyes change when I drink and how I don’t remember things. I am embarrassed to admit I have a problem for fear of what people will think of me however what my son said scared me to death and hopefully into full sobriety.


I stopped drinking 2 months and 5 days ago when I embarrassed myself one weekend. My wife called me out on it and one of the “wake up call” things she told me was that my 8 year old noticed I was drunk and all over the place. Just one more reason to quit.


Our kids know when we’re drinking. Same thing happened to me. We’re dead give aways. 43 days today and I have nothing to feel guilty or ashamed of today. That’s one of the gifts of sobriety. Just had a pizza with my boys. :slightly_smiling_face:


So proud of you both! Any advice you can give on what has helped you?


I had a relapse, my kids were disappointed to see me drink again.
One evening, I came back home with beers. My 13 yo told me that I should throw them away. I surely didn’t want to.
He’s asked me: mom, are you sure you are making the right decision?
The following morning, I went to kiss him before I left to work. I told him: thank you baby, you are right, I should get rid of these beers… and I will do it right away.
I took the bottles from the fridge and poured them in the sink.
That was 12 day ago. !


Yes they do :pensive:
I’ve quit for 5 years 7,5 years or so ago. Then they were to young to notice I was drinking way to much. But when I relapsed they were older. So they knew.
One day I was shopping with my daughter, we had a great day. At the end at the day I thought: I have no wine in my house for tonight! :flushed:
It scared me, because I needed it. So instead of going home I started to look for shops were I could buy a bottle. My daughter noticed my urge and irritation. And beside that she wanted to go home because she was tired. Instead of focussed on her and her needs I was focussed on alcohol and my needs :cry:

Then she said “mom, I liked you more sober”

I got my wine and drank that bottle that evening… And kept doing that in repeat for the next 2 weeks, but that line never got out of my head.
Then at my last day my cat trow my empty glass at the floor. And that was it: I had enough!!
So the next day was my day one: 18 september 2018. One year sober now, thanks to me, my daughter and my cat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And also TS by the way and you guys all in it :heart:


Congratulations Buts for your one year anniversary.
Amazing how children can motivate us to be better.


I have 2 kids. They notice everything. As kids I remember noticing a lot of shit my parents never knew I understood. Kids see everything. They understand everything. My parents were both drunks. I became a drunk. Hurt people, hurt people. I have sailed on similar waters my friend.

Try to give it up. The life of a drunk sucks and is totally not worth it. You have it in you. Just need to belive. Best of luck.