Chroncling my journey.. the good, the bad and everything in between


It’s been a little over 13 months since I last used meth. I’m proud of that fact! I worked hard to get to the point I have reached presently. Unfortunately, with the dissolving of my romantic pairing with my ex C. I feel off the sobriety wagon. I didn’t use meth, but I went on a drunken bender. Thankfully my actions only hurt myself. However, I am not happy that I did that. I know I owe it to myself to not be so reactive. That being said, my head space has been clear and focused since my last drink. I know what I need to do, and am doing it. I have a job interview today, which I need to go well, due to the fact that when me and C split, I quit my job and let all the destruction happen. I am, however feeling extremely confident about this interview. I know that my skill set will fit perfectly with this company.
After my interview at 12:30 today, I believe me and C are going to meet up after her class. She is training to be an ladc and is hosting her first class group today! I know that has nothing to do with me but I am just excited for her! Then, after her and I hang out, I’m going to hit my first AA meeting ever. Then end my afternoon with a jog.
I’ll check in after my interview!
Wish a brother luck lol


Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:
And…what’s a LADC?


Sending you much positivity! Let us know about how the interview and meeting go :two_hearts::bird::fire:


Thank you.
An ladc is a licensed alcohol drug abuse counselor


Best of luck for today


Best wishes for today … i did my first ever aa meeting on sunday i really hope u enjoy it as much as i did … ive been to 1l every day since… they r a life changer for me … i wish i did it 68 days ago when i started my journey… as for the ex … ive just split with my 3 year relationship… i know its hard for u . R u sure hanging out together is good for you… i know i can’t see my ex as its not gonna be good for my head … hope it all goes well for u today x


Like I mentioned earlier. I have attended NA meetings. They were fine. In recognizing that drugs are no longer a problem but alcohol is it just seems fitting to try AA. Furthermore, I respect @Englishd more than I would like to admit. (Jking buddy. You’re amazing. ) And seeing how AA helped him I am curious if it can help me the same way. Like we all come to realize at a point in recovery, that one must try new things if previous ways weren’t working out. As far as the ex… we usually hang out every other day. Plus, It is part of stepping out of my comfort zone. I normally would just block an ex and move forward in life but I can’t bring myself to do that with her. She is a geniune light in my life and if being friends is the only relationship we can muster than muster I shall lol.
Those who are familiar with me know, I like to put myself in uncomfortable situations due to the fact that’s the only way to be comfortable being uncomfortable. If that makes sense.

Thank you for your well wishes!!
I’d like to hear more about your AA experience :grinning::call_me_hand:


I really do get u … on Saturday night i sat on my own really confused about this journey im going through… i woke up early Sunday morning tapped in aa to my phone and found a local meeting… i stood at the door way confused am i a alcoholic apnd a drug addict… i was crying my eyes out … next thing this lovely lady came out took me inside with her … she welcome me told me i was safe and everything will be ok… it was so amazing… she was so amazing… i sat down it was only 7 people and everyone wapps so nice … i finally felt i belong somewhere like i could relate to everyone in the room … ive nevrr felt like this in my life … people wanting to help me … im so used to being the one doing everything for everyone else ive never had help or support in a long time … cos my circle waps always drink apnd drugs … apnd u the people who came along with it !!! I loved listening to the stories people told and i finally opened my mouth through crying apnd thanked everyone for being kind to me … i took the lovely ladies number she asked me to do ap meeting every day this week… she wants me to capll her every night at 7 and tell her about my meeting… im now day 3 of my meetings and im loving every one of them … they are all different people with different stories… im hoping at the end of the week the lovely lady will be my sponser… i want to commit myself to 12 steps… every day since my first meeting i feel a bit better about myself… i really hope u can find that as well through aa. Its amazing x


Just wrapped up the interview.
They offered me the position on the spot and I accepted.
I love when new opportunities to better my life arise!
I’m elated to say the least.


So happy for you I pray i find a good job soon!


What do you like to do employment wise?


Im not sure really Ill take anything at this point!


I’m not sure the area of the country/world you are in but the job market here is pretty open. It seems like everyone is hiring. It just takes effort, and I am in no way, shape or form implying that you aren’t putting in effort. Have you tried revising your resume? Trying job apps? In my own particular case indeed has got me hired at two places in the last month.
I hope you are able to find employment soon. It helps with keeping one in a routine and routines help lol


Yes Im craving the routine desperately!! What type of positions did you get? Ill look into indeed, Im in Michigan!


I got day order selector.
Basic warehouse picking for bigger companies.
I personally spent most my 20s as a warehouse lead so that’s kind of my bread and butter. At least until the rise of more automation. Lol


Awesome congratulations!!


I’m in Minnesota.
Midwest crew lol :rofl::rofl::rofl:


You know it!!


Woop woop… congratulations… so happy 4 u x


Just got back from hanging out with the ex. She was in a mood and told me she didn’t like my demanor. Which I don’t understand. I’m having a great day. It could possibly be me, or her. Either way, I am choosing not to dwell on it and be appreciative of the opportunities I seized today.

Stay hard.