Ciggarettes and Recovery

So Im a week in, many past relapses but ready to get back up! Im looking forward to a ciggarette after work. Im smoking A LOT less since quitting drinking but have not focused on quitting yet.

Feel bad or dont? Go all in and quit all things or what?

Need your advice, please! And thank you all for being here.

Since quitting, which is about 3 months ago my smoking has definitely increased, and i mean alot!

For me, i decided to conquer my biggest addiction first before qutting smoking. I didnt want the added stess of also quitting nicotine. While cigarettes are NOT good they are not runing my life like alcohol was. I know many people that think qutting cigarettes and DOC is too much and can lead to relapses.

For some people i think they can quit all at once, me personally, i needed to do one at a time.


I’m doing one at a time… atm alcohol is my biggest challenge, so if I need to smoke while going through it I don’t feel bad. Each to their own though, don’t be too tough on yourself. You’ll know when you’re ready

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I waited until i was a year sober to stop cigs i was going to the gym and it became get fit and stop the cigs and the gym won , 31 years stopped now wish you well


I’ve done it both ways, but the two seem tied together in my mind. It was impossible to quit smoking while drinking, and I tended to really use cigarettes as a crutch when I tried for sobriety. After a couple relapses, I’m trying to get rid of them both at once and it seems easier. This is obviously not true for everyone. I’m on day three and the cigarette withdrawals are enough to take my mind off the alcohol. It feels like I a completely clean slate


I only smoked when I drank, and as a result, I smoked all the time.

I tried quitting one or the other several times, but they went hand in hand so I could never quit long term. So I quit both at the same time. It was hard, and I never want to go through that again. But it was totally worth it!


My personal thought is to give yourself a bit of a break and get more time under your belt before quitting cigarettes. I don’t smoke but I would think that quitting too many things at once might stress me too much to the point that I give up on them all.


I’d say fight your foes one at a time. Get strong in sobriety, then tackle smoking.


Hey! Congrats on your time sober!!

I know for me I quit smoking when I quit drinking…I have stayed sober this whole time, but I had a few smoking relapses. I just tried to handle it by telling myself “smoking isn’t good for you, but at least ou are SOBER.” I’ve just tried to love myself through it and about 15 months into sobriety I have 36 days no smoking after a brief relapse after not smoking for the previous 4 months. 450 days ago I got sober…that was the big thing. Now…a bit over a year later, I’m sending the last of my vices packing… that’s my story anyway


Ive decided to quit but relapsed on day 2 here.