Cirrhosis after drinking too much

I was diagnosed with early stage cirrhosis in March due to alcohol. I am on day 58 sober. Has anyone else been diagnosed with cirrhosis? I still have extreme leg swelling and constant itchy skin. I’ve been in the hospital 3 times, had to have 5 units of blood given to me
Does this all ever go away??


Hi there, while I was never diagnosed with it I know my liver level was really bad and the last time I got checked they were better. I’m sure with time it’s going to get better. I’m sure 60 you have prob healed a bit, but unfortunately it’s going to probably take longer then that to completely heal. I know ppl say usually a year but I think that’s kind of up to are bodies. I’m sure if you start doing some juice cleanse and eat alot of veggies it will speed things along. Deff switch up your diet

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Hello, jess I just wanted to say something. Start taking care of yourself I had an uncle that had that don’t know what stage. Don’t want to scare you but it didn’t end up well for him, you can overcome this, have faith, eat good, take vitamins, consult with your doctor first and see what you can do or take, I know that the liver can fix itself. Good luck with everything.


Sorry to hear about your problems one way it will go away if you stay sober and do what the doc tells you wish you well


Please take care of yourself and don’t give up.

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I don’t have Cirrhosis, but I do have a genetic predisposition to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and drinking only ups the odds of it developing into cirrhosis. The last physical I had while drinking, my liver enzymes didn’t look great. A year after quitting, my enzymes were in the normal range.

Here’s what my doctor told me:

The liver is the one organ capable of regenerating, provided the damage isn’t too extensive.

It may not get better, but it doesn’t have to get worse. Treat it well, and there’s a chance it will get better. The best way is to be sober, eat right, and avoid OTC pain medications.


Hey jess…I was diagnosed with alcoholic cirrhosis at the age of 28-a year and almost a half ago. The good news is, if you stopped drinking it WILL subside. The damage is done but life will start going back to normal. The itchy skin was the worst! My feet still get itchy from time to time. How’s your diet? Are you exercising? Just like anyone else early stages of sobriety are super hard…adding on the affects of having liver cirrhosis makes it ten times worse. Remind yourself that drinking is not an option-you will die if you drink. A scary way to look at it but the god awful truth. Use that as fuel to get yourself into the best shape mentally and physically you’ve ever been in your life. The weight will come off. How old are you if you don’t mind me asking? Feel free to message me privately with any questions you have. Stay strong :heart::heart:


Maybe do a bit of research on fasting, giving your liver a break could do wonders. I wish the best for you. Youre Almost at 2 months! Good job. Getting to the 2 - 3 month mark has always been difficult for me.
Good luck!

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Welcome to the club. last November I was diagnosed with end stage liver disease cirrhosis
Due to copious amounts of alcohol and drug abuse for the last 35 yrs. The hospital put me in a coma after dying twice. in a coma for 2 months then heavily sedated for a month or so. then sent home. The itchy skin has subsided , but taking all these meds takes a toll on you. Hopefully in the end you won’t need a transplant. Stay sober, get healthy and regain your life. Good luck Bro.
Oh also the doctor staff told my daughter I’d never see my next birthday. FUCK THEM ! MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW. Due to my stubborness and knowledge that if I drink again I die and finally embracing sobriety I’m alive today.


Happy Birthday. God bless you and heal you.

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I’m sorry you’re going through such rough time. I really hope you see improvements soon.

I’ve actually heard multiple promising stories when it comes to early stages. Just no more drinking! And follow your doctor’s advice. I also have one sad story of a young lady who disregarded all the advise after she was first diagnosed. It did not end well. Make a commitment to care for yourself from here on.

Warrior :+1:t4: happy birthday buddy that’s an insane store you got there.



I don’t know if you’ll find this helpful but the British Liver Trust has info on cirrhosis that is well worth reading -

Also they have a (mainly UK based) support community here-

I would also recommend talking to your doctor- knowledge about the disease, dietary advice and regular check ups (including 6 monthly tests) are key in treating the disease.

Well done on your 58 days! Xxxx


As a creative and health conscious eater , I’d like some of the recipes and pics to go with them.
Please it would be greatly appreciated.

Check out the book the liver healing diet. As an RD, I will say food is very important when having liver cirrhosis. I’ve basically cleaned my entire diet out of anything fried, any oil, bad fat, etc. it’s really all about treating yourself well and clean food means it’s easier to filtrate through the liver. Also studies have shown CBD to be a good remedy for cirrhosis. Not sure if you looked into it

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