Clean 11 months then surgery and pain meds

I posted last week, clean 11 months off methadone and the terrible 6+ months of withdrawals, granted I still don’t feel 100% free from it yet health wise and these what appear to be longer lasting withdrawal symptoms but I had surgery last week and had no choice but to take pain meds. My wife gave them too, I had access at all times tho, never once thought about abusing them. Took them for about a week through the worst if the pain and then stopped. I did feel off for a few days…but all is good.

I’ll always know I had to take them and it will /has tarnished what I felt was my clean time …partly…

I took as prescribed and didnt finish them completely, I kinda feel also that I didnt loose clean Time, I know its confusing …im kinda confused…

I have no desire to take any or methadone.

Was just something I was scared about and felt like sharing. Thank you to all who comment last time and helped me through it. Much love


Glad you are recovering nicely from the surgery!

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Glad you are recovering from your surgery. I am sorry you are so conflicted about taking pain meds as precribed and I understand.

I too had surgery recently and was prescribed just 6 pain meds. I took 4 of them as prescribed and stopped. Glad to be done with them.

Hope you continue healing up!!


Had a similar experience. I felt mad that my sobriety had an asterisk next to it.


Thats how I feel, but it also feels good knowing we took them and quit and was able to do it like it was as prescribed only!!! It means were healing.


You didn’t lose anything. Sobriety is about being able to handle these situations with dignity and grace, which you did!