Clean House Glory

One thing I have to say is the best part of sobriety is the clean house.
I’m impressed each morning how much better the place is looking!
Literally have a kitchen counter and floor space without being hung over two or three times a week.
I don’t like cooking usually and now it’s not such a cringe to have to do.
I don’t think this time last year I could have imagined how much better everything could be with a little time and attention to detail.
Clutter be gone!
I actually feel really proud of myself today!
All the furnishings I used to think I can’t afford like curtains and table cloth and now I can!
I didn’t think I could ever change this crowded kitchen and here it is all roomy and inviting!
Thanks be to God for helping carry me out of the muddy ugly horrible mess I was complacently living in.
With my 90 days coming up on Saturday I can only imagine how much better it will be by my first year and the year after. I just want to keep succeeding this way… I don’t ever want to loose this clarity and peace again


Great job Jessica. I was an angry cleaning fool all hours of the day my first couple of months.
Keep up the great work.
One Day At A time

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I’m very slow about getting around to the cleaning haha but I always feel like a clean house just makes me feel so much happier in general :slight_smile:

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I love love love a tidy house! And the best bit is fresh fluffy bedding! I could never be bothered when I was drinking. Now the bed is always made and ready to go. It’s true what they say…A TIDY HOUSE IS A TIDY MIND :raised_hands:t2::+1: