Coming to grips with my current employer

Tired of my job and ready for change, stopped pot 6 days ago how long do you recommend i wait to apply for other jobs ?

How long have you been smoking? How much do you smoke?

For 5 years and at least 2 blunts a day

Thats just during yhe work week on weekends it could increse to 4 to 6 blunts

Okay thats a start how long did it take you ?

I was an everyday smoker. I passed my first test after just 7 days. I dont have alot of fat and always active. It will depends on your build. But atleast wait til your clean.

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I was rather chubby and not active. I also smoked a lot of pot. Took me almost 70 days before it was out of my system…


damn Oreos

Im not chubby at all im actually pretty built just a little flab around the midsection

I had trace amounts in me for about 70 days too. I smoked a lot and I’m a chunker.

You can buy tests at Walgreens, walmart or amazon to check. I’d wait 3 weeks to be sure.


Thats what im thinking