Confusion amd doubt

Am I the only person who ever gets these super intense waves of depression, angst, it just hit me out of the blue and obviously that can be a huge trigger its self. I also sometimes just feel a little sad that i will never get the euphoric feeling that comes with using. The thing is i want to stay clean i want a better life not juat for me but my loved ones as well. Idk how to figjt off these feelings or shake myself out of this depression. I hate feeling this way. I’m not giving up I’ve got 29 days in today and don’t intend on turning back i just hate the way i feel right now


It’s normal to have those feelings. Sometimes when shit feels hopeless it’s because we are not present in the current moment. We have to try and live one day at a time because we’re only garunteed right now. We cannot live in the past or in the future.

In my experience i did capture the euphoric feelings again through exercise. I still have bad days once in a great while and I just accept them for what they are.

Remember that you are NOT being deprived of anything BUT your DOC was depriving you of real life.


You are not alone. After 992 days, I will tell you from my experience…life is better sober. Stay sober.!


Ur absolutely right. Thank u i needed that little pep talk.


It’s called believing the lie. Are minds will trick the shit out of us and tell us we miss it and the only time we are happy is when we drink, the only time we have a euphoric feeling is when we drink. The trick is remember that’s a lie. There were no good times drinking, I always made a fool of myself, did shit I shouldn’t. Having bad days is part of recovery, but there are a shit ton of euphoric days. When you feel this, say halt. Am I hungry, angry, lonely or tired. Eat, exercise, find something to keep you busy. The more you beat the lie the more you win.


I have had my ups and downs with depression during early recovery. I’m not generally a depressed person. Anyway… after the euphoria of being sober a couple of months I did start getting depressed off and on. I was able to sit with my depression and just be depressed. So what if I didn’t get that done or do this or whatever. So what if I’m just sitting around moping. I just felt it. And I would think to myself that I only got one job. Not to pick up. That’s it. If I don’t pick up then I’ve had a freakin successful day. They are just feelings. They come. Sometimes they stick around. And then they leave.


On top of addiction I battle PTSD & Depression, it also comes in waves, medications helped but are only a band aid for me.

It took me a while, but therapy and finding my triggers to anxiety depression and stressors that intensified my PTSD, was a huge milestone in my recovery and mental health.

Your early on. Its really raw and shitty right then, but trust me it does get easier.

Everyone said to me it gets easier as you go. I called bullshit. Truth Is it really does get easier each day a little at a time


“Euphory from usage is based in escaping ourselves. Euphory without using is rooted in accepting and overcoming ourselves”

Great insight!


Completely get this man! I’m 49 days sober and I’ve been having these phases recently too so I guess it’s completely normal. Looks like we need to ride this out - I’m spending most days running which helps clear my head :slight_smile: