Conglomerated List of "Things that can F*ck right off*

My old landlord giving me a call can FRO!
Confirming me, he is a ultra toxic person.

He took out the floor which I had installed in my apartment 4 months ago. It was 31 square meters, now he tells me there are 17 left.

I want to sell the floor because it is high quality and was expensive, ecological click vinyl. I asked him again if he was sure about only 17 and he gave me a lecture-like speech, about the technique and my handymans not being professional. I ended the call! You are fucking NOT god finally!

FRO with your ugly osb plate floor and your fucking toxic behavior. FRO and out of my life!


FRO that survival mode I go into at any opportunity. It’s always life and death w this one! Man!


Periods and everything associated can FRO. These cramps I’m having are straight out of hell :weary::weary::weary:


my child’s father promising to finally send me money and then not only not sending it, but not communicating at all or answering my call or gentle text about it. and now having to seriously consider applying for child support which i was trying to avoid, for his sake. i feel like my patience and understanding for him is at its limit. his depressing lack of responsibility when it comes to our child can FRO. :rage::triumph:


Having been on the other end of this, it’s much easier for all concerned to garnish his wages.


I mean shit, someone I know is like this. Made some shitty judgements, made some bad decisions which ultimately turned into mistakes and they blame everyone else for their commitment, trust and abandonment issues… and it’s like, well, it’s a bit shit that they did what they did but if you just accept that it was bad judgement on YOUR part instead of constantly blaming them for doing a shitty thing, you might find it a helluva lot easier to actually move on, make decisions, do what you say you’re gonna do… Life is so much fucking simpler when you stop blaming other people and living in resent all the time.


Thank you very much for this input.

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I’m right there with you. It’s frustrating. But its also frustrating trying to raise/support a child alone. I never wanted to go thru a custody battle or anything but it became no choice for me. I went for child support while I went for custody.

This begins my own rant. I was granted $30 a week. He’d purposely find jobs off the books so they wouldn’t take it from him. For 5 years. Finally he got a real job and was paying $45 a week for a few months this year, but then switched jobs and I haven’t seen a payment in two months. He keeps blaming his boss for not doing it right. He owes me $6,555 today and it’s only going to keep going up so he’s not doing himself any favors ignoring this. $10,000 past due is a felony. Ugh :triumph:


Damn, before I got custody of my kids I was paying 1200 a month, and I was making 60k a year. That’s for 2 kids.

I pretty much paid for the house and all the utilities for it. And it showed when I got custody, her and her husband went belly up and were living In hotels until they squatted for too long and got kicked out. I never pursued child support cause it would have been so much of a hassle to not get any money or similarly small payments like you do.


Truth be told, he’s a miserable narcissist,

I’m a guy I know these things, a simple text as such to get a glimpse into your life hoping that you haven’t moved on and found better, which after that text it seems being single is still better,

But he’s miserable, maybe on the outside he paints a picture of the “perfect life” but deep down he’s like well fuck I fucked up, so hoping your response is to tell him how unhappy you are, or that you want to talk or miss him, gives him fuel, fills his ego. He still has the power,

Best response is no response. When it comes to narcissistic fucks, that depletes them the most, if you fight with them, they feel you still care, if you show them mourning they feel In power, if you tell them your happy without them, they think your just lying to show a front. My ex is a narcissist, and well I left her in the gutter I found her in


$30 a week is insaaaaaaane :sob: and the fact that he intentionally got jobs that paid under the table so he could avoid such a ridiculously small payment is even more nauseating. i’m sorry you have to go thru that! i don’t understand people not wanting to support their own children. but as we know, everyone has their demons….what can we do but take up the weight and soldier on! :fist:t4::muscle:t4:


Boss was quick to accuse me of something I didn’t do, and after explaining myself didn’t apologize. Get the facts first before you blame!


Insomnia can FRO


People who put everything in caps.

Caps, underlined, and italicized text should be used sparingly to emphasize something very specific. When people but 95% of their messages in caps, with the intent to show its important, I just cant take it seriously and sometimes don’t even bother reading the whole message.

I don’t think, “Ah, this message might be important,” but rather, “Ugh, god, this person is an annoying and disrespectful child who clearly doesn’t know proper communication etiquette. Is there any way I can ditch this person / organization / business?”

When my last doctor retired, I was referred to this clinic and every message they send is in all caps. Paragraphs of text within text messages in all caps.


I have a client that puts URGENT in the subject line of every email to me…

They are, not surprisingly, the last emails I get to! :laughing:

Today though? iphone updates can fuck right off… :expressionless: !


I had a colleague abusing exclamation marks and points/full stop. It felt like being yelled at every time and I was pissed when only opening a email. :expressionless:


I’m with you on this one. It’s like the person is shouting at you.

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The agency over here that deal with child support, (I’m sure people have had poor experiences with them as well), do not piss about. If you don’t pay your child support, you’re fucked.


We have something like that too. They reached out to me in 2020 but at the time he was in jail so nothing could be done. Then when I reached out, I never heard back. Since I was drinking, one shot, no dice, gave up.

Now I’m stuck somewhere between ‘I’m happy he’s getting his shit together and can take her on the weekends again to take some pressure off my parents’ and ‘give me the god damn money you owe us bc I’m a broke bitch’.


One special coworker who, after you’ve been sick for 2 weeks already and your sick leave goes on, calls you to get any information about what you have and why you’re still sick and when you’ll come back to work, and then tell you “I’ve been worried you know”. Mhmmmm, sure.
As if I’d ever tell you what exactly I have. Sure not.