Conglomerated List of "Things that can F*ck right off*

Being the only guy working in the snow and rain digging trenches to run wires because my foreman pissed off the landscape guys. All while everyone else on my crew is inside. That can fuck right off.


Again: Nightmares. This time my ex and his predecessor starred in this mental horrormovie. I woke up crying from all the rejection, abandonment and ignoring me, still wanting to be loved by them! AAAARGGGHHH … I think I found a new category of nightmares: Welcome to the special edition of codependent nightmares :scream::grimacing::fu::face_vomiting:


Apps. Apps resetting and wanting you to log in again, but you forgot the password, so you try to reset with a code sent to an email address, but you can’t remember which one you used, and you are doing all this for a dollar off your ramen. Can fro.


Waiting forever on hold - for minor paperwork thingy for health benefits.

When a human finally answers? We have a decent exchange at first. She asks for my birthdate including year of my birth and I give this to her.

She then tailors her instructions for navigating the website and submitting an online health claim. “Don’t worry, if you click on anything accidentally, you can’t break it! Just click the “back” button. Do you know where to find that?

Yes. I am not a mayfly.

When logging on the site while still on the call with her, per her directions, she even spelled out my name for me, letter by letter, to enter “in that little box right in the middle of the screen!” I wanted to tell her my name hasn’t changed since the 1800s.

It’s starting. Ageism directed at me. And it can FRO. :expressionless:


Unreliable boss can fro.


The incredibly overloaded and overwhelming workload / responsibility of a teacher. That can fro.


I was just like "Naaaaah!" :face_with_monocle:

If my ass would be just 1cm bigger,
I would have had no other chance then the passenger door and climb over the center console. Ouch.

Ass fits :rofl::rofl::rofl:

By the way… It was a women parking lot! :white_flower:
And I was first - of cause :sweat_smile::sunglasses:


Did the white car come with black stripes and a dent on the right front door ?:smile:


Noooo… That’s not fair.
Think she didn’t notice … Or had an appointment to hurry at.

I was even more annoyed about this big middle console as I checked out my passenger door, although it’s comfy while driving. :sweat_smile:


Hadn’t you first check the middle console thing, before you bought the car? Beginners mistake.:confused::smile:


Homework deadlines!!


-My neighbour with her resting bitch face
-The shady asshole who dumped his two double recliner couches on my nature strip

  • remembering dumb stuff I’ve done at 2am from 30 years ago as if it happened yesterday

My MIL trying to get me to eat whiskey filled chocolates. Fucking stop…


I know the painful rejection and abandonment and being ignored by someone you crave love from type nightmare. They made me cry aswell. They can indeed FRO. Mine began to change and finally subside with clarity on my then partner’s secret behaviour, end of the cognitive dissonance and finally distance from him. Good luck. You’re not alone in this.

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Right now I’m on day 16 alcohol free and I was doing really good until yesterday. Still alcohol free though.

So with that being said … EVERYTHING, but my cat and kids.

Literally everything is irritating me so bad ! It’s best I just stay home and figure it out because I’m grouchy. :woman_facepalming:t3:


This is messed up, that’s why I’ve been avoiding everyone.

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  • People who think they know better than the head coach who is in practice and working overtime every damn day, if you want to coach fill out an application and join the fucking staff with me

  • News anchors who give me their personal opinion, stick to the fucking facts

  • People who question someone’s decision to join team sobriety, either be supportive or shut the hell up!


Sometimes being Single can f*ck right off.
Today is such a day.


Omg yes. Why is our brain doing that? It makes no sense at all :sob:


Bangs that turn into hair icicles that stab your eyes when you run to the bus stop can fro