Conglomerated List of "Things that can F*ck right off*

That sounds traumatic and disgusting at the same time.:grinning:

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I hate those fucking ticks. Our dog has already some this year.

Did you get a FSME vaccination? I know it’s a big problem in Austria. When I was there as a child, my parents always freaked out, because of the ticks.


Yes, I’m vaccinated. The problem is the vaccine is only for FSME, not for all the other crap tics can transfer, especially borreliosis. A friend’s dog had 37 tics after a 3 h walk in the woods lately :woman_facepalming::scream:


In Germany the discounted beer stands always in shop entrance. Everyday of every god damn week.

I know this so well, because I was the best customer.


Yeah It’s truly overpromoted here in Germany

I was yesterday spending a day in “Gärten der Welt” it’s a natural Park with different gardens from different countries like a Chinese garden , a tropical House and many more to see…

They do have some little food stations where they promote the Alcohol first on the lists and after that comes food…
I live in Berlin and it’s really hard to be around the city getting not triggered at nearly every Store…

So f**k of all of that advertising of alcohol all around the globe! :fu:

Our health systems are truly suffering from that!

Wish all of ya a powerful day keep staying strong :sun_with_face: :