Constant feeling of severe anxiety/panic?

Hello friends,

I’ve just reached 10 days sober from alcohol which I am very proud of. I’ve had my fair share of cravings, nightmares, depression etc but within the last couple of days I’ve felt on the brink of an anxiety attack. This uncomfortable sensation will not leave my lower abdomen despite my efforts to not think about it. Worst of all, It’s making me reconsider alcohol to calm me down. Anyone with similar experiences?

For me it come and goes. I had it for weeks, not necessarily every day tho. I don’t know if it’s the alcool but I’m a day 40 and had that feeling today. Had one thought about drinking… this feeling reminded me how drinking was my anxiolytics #1. Now I try to find different ways to manage it. Respirations helps me a lot. Today went it happen I was in my car. I decided to go to a movie. Felt better after…

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Yep. Welcome to early sobriety. Think of it as a right of passage into a better life. I saw a psychiatrist to help with mine bc I was so terrified to go back out. I was on meds for over 7 months. I’ve been off 3 weeks now and I’ve only had 3 panic attacks. Now they don’t scare me as I know they will pass if I just dip into my recovery toolkit and bust out all the tools I’ve accumulated throughout my journey. Tools I’ve gathered from many sources like AA/NA, rehab and counseling.

Soldier through and reap the rewards that await you on the other side.