Constant headaches for the past 4 days

9 days into my sobriety and having terrible headaches…I’ve been drinking lots of water. I almost never get headaches so just wondering, is it a regular or normal part of sobering up? I also never got headaches like this from drinking too much…feels sorta like im getting years worth of hangovers manifesting themselves into one mega-karma-headache! Lol… but ouchies!


Yep! That happened to me. It went away after about 2 weeks so just keep hydrating and you’ll be fine :slightly_smiling_face:


I had to look at my caffeine consumption when I got sober. Reducing caffeine and paying attention to when I drink it helped reduce headaches for me. I also was eating a lot more sugar (craved it when I quit drinking) and reducing that significantly reduced headaches, too. It might help if you look at what else you’re putting in your body in place of the booze/substance. Hope you feel better! Headaches are awful, I get migraines periodically and it’s just the pits!


Yeah thats what it feels like

Yes this is me to a T right now, thanks for mentioning this!


Thank you for your encouragement! :grin:


I have been wondering the same thing. I’m on day 12 and have been getting headaches the last couple days, today was the worst. I took some Tylenol and had to take a nap this afternoon. Trying to drink lots of water and watch my sugar and caffeine and just ride it out. Hopefully we will both get past it soon :crossed_fingers:


I had daily headaches after giving up alcohol. They went away around day 20 and I feel better than ever now on day 28 :smile_cat:


@SweetBree, sorry to hear that you’re suffering from nasty headaches in your newfound sobriety.

Hardly an incentive to keep on the sober path, is it? Hang in there, and hopefully the other TS members are right, and they will subside very soon!

I just wanted to remind you and others though, not to dismiss every symptom as being related to not drinking or drugging.

I learnt this from recent personal experience.

At around 10-14 days AF, l began to suffer from itchy skin around my tummy, upper thighs and back.

I had been reading on TS, that this was a common occurrence related to ?toxins leaving the body or sensory disturbances due to withdrawal? So l didn’t worry.

l just ignored it, as l was otherwise fine, until l started to get a rash in those same areas.

I did some research, and went to my doctor, which is when l found out l was having a delayed reaction to the Penicillin l had been taking for a dental infection!

Make sure you follow up with your doc if things get worse, or don’t improve over the next few days👍

Good job on your 9 days! (nearly double digits)


Thank you for the good advice and kind words♡

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Wonderful! That gives me hope! And I’m very happy for you, must feel super wonderful :sparkling_heart: and congratulations on your 28 days of sobriety!


Once our headaches are gone we’re gonna be so proud of ourselves for sticking it out staying sober through these awful head pains!!:heart: we’ll be even stronger and more resilient than before!!!


Yes I went thru headaches and migraines. I was very irritable. I just wanted to be alone. It will all pass. Well idk I’m still irritable. Lol