(constant relapses)


I have learned that there isnt always “one last drink” drink. that one last one plays on repeat in my head and totally leaned me more toward bing drinking.

something else I have trouble with is staying consistently sober. its almost like I think it takes someone a lot stronger then me and that sobriety is a amazing art that has to be masterd and only a handful of people can actually grasp the simple concept.

is it really that difficult to understand. at the moment I say no but ive been there a lot…

AA has helped a lot. at first it was a everyday battle. now I might drink a few times a week. I plan on going back again.

(do you guys think waiting a month to collect my one month coin be4 I go back to AA. I mean if I think I can stay sober a month and will achieve it, why not go for it.)

anyone relate or have experience with this thought process? ?


If I can get sober then anyone can do it. Rather than backing off AA I suggest doing more. Seems like you are making progress. Keep going and listening. Get a sponsor, work the steps, your life will get better.


I believe you. I was actually invited a few weeks ago by another friend. I just hate that shame of collecting another 1 day coin (at the moment its over 24 hours sober)


But there is always a first drink. That’s the one you have to say “no” to. If you say “no” to the first drink, there can never be a second or third, or seventh. Say “no” to the first drink, and you win, 100% of the time.


No one says you have to chip again because you got yours wet. I didn’t my last dry run, which had lasted 600+ days and probably about my 75th attempt. Just don’t get the 30 day chip till you earned it.


very helpful

thank you so much


It is a program of suggestions. The best of which is to keep coming back. Chips are not mentioned in the Big Book. They are just custom, not mandatory at all.


It’s been said, but definitely don’t hold off on meetings because of a chip. Get on in there and just skip the chip. It works if you work it. :v:


I had to wait 32 years before i got one ,dont bother about chips, soberiety is your priority so go to a meeting get a sponsor and get on the program wish you well


Guy in my home group always talks about his 24 hour coin collection. He has 42. He is also gratefully 21 years sober now.

He’s a big fan of saying “dont join the 1 won’t hurt club”

Keep trudging.