Hello, I have had a binge drinking problem for over ten years. Never been a daily drinker and I have cut down lately to weekends due to working two jobs . Recently though I have started experiencing frightening symptoms the day after drinking. Last night I drank about 10 pints of beer, which in the past would not affect me horribly the day after. But since this past Christmas anytime I drink more than 5 or so the next day I have episodes of a euphoric feeling like I’m about to faint or start convulsing. Today I was laying down on couch for nap and my leg started shaking uncontrollably. I jumped up and it stopped but all day have felt like I’m about to start convulsing all over. My heartbeat also races and palpitates and I usually get night sweats for couple days. Have any other binge drinkers experienced this? I read about an effect called kindling of constantly binging and stopping making people suffer more and more severe withdrawal symptoms after drinking and think that might be it. Either way I’m going sober today because these episodes are pretty scary.


I was a daily drinker, who’d binge now and again, for variety. I also have occasional vertigo. So, if I was sobering up, and the room started spinning, I blamed the vertigo. Still, I had heart palpitations and night sweats too, especially when I was withdrawing.

If you think you need help detoxing, get it. If you want to try yourself, treat it like you would a bad case of the flu. Feels about the same. Stay hydrated. Eat a BRAT (bananas, rice, apples, toast) for a few days, and take b vitamins.


Do be careful if you self-detox and the symptoms start getting worse around day 3 of not drinking. Booze can be lethal to detox from, but it’s usually in heavy daily drinkers. You may want to see the ole doctor because you might have an underlying medical issue that has not been diagnosed.


Depending on what I drank, it got worse. For me, if I had wine I got massive restless leg syndrome and they would jump all night. My hands sometimes shook too and it felt like I had the rattles basically in my core. And as time progressed, I didn’t handle any liquor well, smaller amounts effected me more. It was my body saying it had enough and couldn’t take any more. There is really light at the end of the tunnel, in writing this today I’m 37 days sober and I don’t miss these feelings at all! I have to agree with them though, you may want to talk to a doctor about your symptoms and detoxing if it continues. But it sounds to me like you’re making the right decision to join us in the sober life. :slight_smile: Welcome!