Cooked a delicious dinner sober!

So, this may seem strange but since I have been on the journey to get sober, cooking dinner has been hard for me. Basically, because when I would cook I’d drink wine. So for the first 42 days before I relapsed I basically picked up easy stuff, ordered takeout, or had my husband cook. Well I’m back on track, five days sober and it was my night to figure out dinner. I searched for recipes all day that weren’t too hard, but would be delicious. I’m not going to lie, I wanted wine through the whole process, and spoke out loud about it too. But I didn’t run to the store and grab it. Now, after my delicious dinner I made, I’m sitting on my couch relaxing and feeling proud. Sometimes the smallest victories are just what you need to keep going.


That was so me too @Golfgirl! I liked to crack open that first wine bottle about 3pm because I wanted to “feel relaxed” by the time I cooked dinner and had to deal with my step-kids. By dinner, I was on bottle number two. There were many mornings I woke up and didn’t remember what we had for dinner because I was so drunk by then. Then I would wake up and scout out how many ‘emptys’ were throughout the house.

I am SO glad I am on day 27 and no wine! The first two weeks were tough at dinner time. I really wanted wine! I found some different types of drinks like Izzie and Ice from WalMart. I decided I would no longer drink sodas after week two, but those drinks I mentioned are either low or no calorie, with natural sweeteners like Stevia, etc.

I think you are doing great and congrats for day 5! The first two weeks seemed so hard, but you can make it! Stay strong and stay connected :relaxed:


And you should be proud!!
That was a massive hurdle you overcame there.
And you got something so rewarding for it - a yummy dinner that YOU made.
Well done! :star2: :tada:

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