Covid and sober

Well it is finally my turn to have Covid. I feel like awful. Made myself some soup. It will be really hard not leaving the house. I may be on here a lot.
What are y’all watching/ listening to right now?


Awe jeeze :frowning: I hope u heal quickly. I hate covid :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: (as so many of us do).
Right now I’m actually working on color by numbers on my phone. Maybe ud like that to keep u occupied? Not sure if ur into that kind of thing. There’s lots of good apps for that that are free!


Take up a meditation practice. I love the guided meditations on Insight Timer 100% free


My Covid turn was last month. Thus! I caught up on all my Disney movies, Cruella, the new Mary Poppins, etc. I finally watched Squidgame. I saw Dopesick. And basically surfed Netflix for everything else that looked interesting lol

I hope you don’t get it too bad :heart: :pray:


Dang Daphne, sorry you’re sick. I do hope you feel better soon.

Oh, what’s on TV you ask? Lester on NBC nightly news talking about COVID…! just had to

Really gal, feel better & I’m wishing for no fevers or cough/respiratory stuff. Just a mild runny snot-locker.


I have good cat nurses. There is another on elbow.

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I wish you a speedy recovery!!! If you have Netflix, I loved the Harlan Coban collection. Excellent, twisted mysteries and lots of them

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