Covid sober?

Any one get a boost into sobriety from covid. I’m 22 days and haven’t had a single craving to drink, granted I’m still fighting covid pneumonia but it has been nice not having the urge to drink.


WOW!! Proud of you buddy Keep up the great work, I find encouragement helps even the smallest things do matter I just want to congratulate you on your journey and I too am very encouraged by covid to be dam grateful!! :sunglasses: AWESOME matey xxx

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Congrats on your 22 days!! That’s awesome. Do you mean a boost from actually having the virus?

As far as I know, I’ve never had the virus. However, the lack of social interaction during the first six or eight months when the pandemic was really bad absolutely gave my sobriety a boost.

It forced me to stay home like everyone else and kept me in a safe space where there weren’t any outside pressures or triggers and I could control my environment much more easily. I know a lot of people feel that the isolation made it harder to stay sober but for me it kept me away from bars and breweries, etc.


Great job on 22 days :ok_hand: feel better soon my friend :pray:t2::two_hearts:

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Feel better soon

Amazing job on the 22 days


I don’t understand your question. Are you asking for feedback from those that had the virus during sobriety?

Congrats on 22 days!

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635 Days sober and stayed sober throughout, one day at a time.

Same! I’m hoping for a little clarification

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I got covid and that is now covid pneumonia I’ve been sick for 23 days, and during this I haven’t had the urge to drink at all.

I was just stating that because of covid I haven’t had the urge to drink

I’ve been trying to get sober for some time now and I think having covid gave me the boost I need to get there.

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Feel better! Have a plan in place for when those urges return.

That makes sense!! Glad you’re recovering…keep up all the hard work :muscle:

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I think a lot of people have experienced health issues that inspire, or perhaps more importantly require us to get sober. In these cases, as it was for me, the desire to drink is beaten out by our desire to survive, which for a sick alcoholic is a wonderful thing. Congratulations on 23 days, that’s fantastic. We are in day 5 of a lockdown here in New Zealand with a resurgence of cases. All the best in your recovery from COVID, and also in your sobriety. I’m sure you’re aware but there is lots of support available such as AA zoom meeting etc… Thank you for sharing, happy for you and hoping for a speedy recovery. Take care.