Crack/Cocaine Users


I wanted to reach out to other users with the same drug of choice so they will understand the specific cravings… I have been sober from crack/cocaine for seven months now. As you all know, urges come and go, in waves. This episode was triggered when I got money for graduation and thought “Oh, now I can get high without spending my own money!” And the thoughts haven’t left. I have had urges so bad that I wanted to hurt myself or engage in other target behaviors. I can physically feel the need to get high and I don’t know how long I can last. I am on medication to help the urges go away, and it’s the maximum dose… I’m also in therapy and a DBT group. There’s nothing I can do about it, I’ve been trying so hard to hold out and I know I’m gunna relapse and destroy myself…


Heavy crack user here so I feel ya. The only thing that’s ever worked for me in regard to quitting crack was NA. I have 7.5 months clean and I honestly don’t think about crack anymore. From time to time I get a thought but it’s usually fleeting. I’m working now and have plenty of money to spend if I wanted to.

I have also found new hobbies and friends to keep me busy. If I were bored I would probably think about it more.

Just for background I’ve done inpatient rehab 3 times. Completed outpatient rehab. I see a psychiatrist and I have a one on one counselor, which are all good for conquering addiction (heroin and alcohol user too) but working the steps with a sponsor is by far the most effective thing for me.


I find having money is the WORST!!! But one thing I find works is if I have a fleeting thought of use I nip it in the butt and change my train of thought immediately!! If I start dwelling on thoughts and romanticize with the thought of using crack it becomes progressively harder to break that train of thought. And a relapse in thought is a relapse in the making!!!