Craving don’t know what to do!


I want to go get so high right now!!!


:pensive: I don’t want to use but everything hurts rn


Cravings will pass in time. If you use again it will only start the whole horrible cycle over again.


It’s not worth being sick after stay home and play a game


Working out and music is what kept me from getting high. Gotta find substitute and stay busy


It’s not worth it. You don’t want to continue that cycle.


Your just one day ahead of me, let’s keep it that way! I don’t know your timezone, but distract yourself. Go for a run, work out, walk, watch Netflix, clean your house, study, whatever!
You can do this!
Today will pass, the cravings will pass!
Hang in there! :facepunch:


Thank you guys. I appreciate reading this right now. I’m locking myself in my room heart broken… I don’t want to use :pensive:


No dont do it you will regret it stay strong the cravings will pass you got this your not in this alone, I had the urge to use as well today and I know it not easy but you can fight them off you got this. Music always helps me its good for the soul :grin:


Then don’t! Don’t let your addiction win. You are stronger then that! You are! Anything nice to eat in your fridge to reward you for being clean/sober now? When I have cravings chocolat helps :blush:
Sounds silly, but it works for me.


No and I’m starving tbh but I’m locking myself in my room. I don’t trust myself right now :confused:


Ok, hungry but sober. It can be worse. Do you have a sponsor you can call? I’m off to work right now. Stay on TS, there will be someone else to talk to! Please keep busy and sober. Tomorrow is a new day! This day will pass!
Hang in there, sorry but I have to go now.


You into music Daniel? Stick your headphones on with some music you really rock out too. Lie down and just go with the music


I called my good friend who runs the program and we talked, I told him I didn’t want to use and I’m locking myself in my room. Afterwards he told me I need to hit a meeting tomorrow, so I’ll go after work. Thank you for your kind words


Do anything but get high.
I say eat junk food and watch junk TV to distract your brain.
You only need to distract yourself for 20 minutes or so.


Keep distracted from yourself, the addict part of us is a manipulative liar- it uses our logic, our emotions and even our voice!

Spend some time working out, the body will release natural endorphins (feel good hormones) that you have been robbed of for so long.

I find running helps- choose somewhere beautiful, switch your phone off, get out there and run. You got this x


Thank you everyone for sharing and helping me out last night. Thankfully and gratefully another night sober.


Come and get involved, why fight the demons of your own hell alone when you have an army of angels right there with you. When you’re alone in your head, you’re in a bad neighborhood so always bring back up.

Good work bud, keep trudging, better days and better lays are ahead of everyone in sobriety.


Whatever it takes , you can beat that demon. As it has been Said before there is always many online here , whenever things are real bad there will be listeners, people with advices, maybe you can phonecall, or even meet up with . Meetings …Take care of yourself you are not alone . We do care :heart::pray:


Thank you that means a lot!