Cravings and hopeless feelings

On day 5. First friday evening of this stretch of sobriety. Home alone. Not a lot of options of what to do. Previously best/most supportive and sober friend has given up and stopped responding on these rough nights since my last slip. Just looking for some support, kind words, and maybe some advice to push past this terrible night.

You made it to day 5, congratulations is a big achievement. You can do this, stay strong.

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You can do this! 5 days is a hell of a start. Keep pushing through.

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Nice job @cpmurphy. Keep it up. I am 1day and 20 hrs. I am glad to see some one progressing so well. Gives me hope.

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Day 5! Do you realize how incredibly far you’ve made it! It may not seem like much, but you are truly already farther than most. Keep it up dude I know you got it, these feelings won’t last forever in couple days to a week you’ll be feeling 10x better.


The Friday night demons, they are always the worst, taunting you and giving you that fear of loosing out. I will say well done on 5 days but just think how much more accomplished you will feel to get that magical first week down. It is hard knowing what to do with yourself on those drinking nights when it’s been such a routine in your life. All you need to do is change that routine and find a replacement instead, I’m 42 days sober and it’s only recently that the new routine that I have been working on is finally slotting into place, and I always have a plan B, Don’t get me wrong my brain keeps telling me it wants to taste the alcohol again but I don’t give in, it starts on a Thursday lately and come Saturday evening it is gone, because I keep my mind and body busy during these times I get through. Reprogramming ourselves takes time, there is no quick fix but stick with it and you will come out fine, good luck on your journey

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For me meetings made it easier to stay sober wish you well

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Well, it’s not Friday night anymore, but, how did you do?? It will get easier, and you will find other things you like to do that don’t involve drinking. I have a 9 year old son, so it’s easy to do different things. :blush: but there were some tough times.

After a coulpe weeks sober, I did go to a bar with someone I thought was a friend, because he was DJ-ing. He wanted me to be friends with his friends, etc. I had gingerale and cranberry. It was so smoky in there…yuck! I quickly became very aware of the ridiculous amount they were all drinking. Shots, beer after beer, all I could think was how shitty they were all going to feel the next morning! They gorged themselves on bad bar pizza, and a little voice inside of me said “these aren’t your people”. I left sober, went home and took a shower and went to sleep.

Every time hanging out with this guy, he would say “Jen, you’re not an alcoholic!” “You don’t have to drink everyday.” Well, maybe not, but I sure didn’t handle alcohol well. I would occasionally drink without stopping, and black out. Bad stuff would happen.

None of thst stuff happens anymore. Thank God! Drinking stunted me as a person. I was living a very sad small existence when I was drinking. Life has really opened up since I quit! I don’t EVER want to go back to being that person.

Drinking is everywhere in our society. We shouldn’t have to feel strange about not doing it. If you watch tv shows with kids in highschool, they all drink, and never seem drunk. How many high school parties are really like that?

Do some research about how alcohol affects your body, both short term and long term. It’s really bad for us! But it’s addictive, and some of our brains tell us to keep drinking, even when we know we feel shitty and don’t want anymore.

It helped me to do this research, and learn more about it. I look at it like someone with a nut allergy would look at peanutbutter. They know it will give them a bad reaction, so they avoid it.

Alcohol is a liquid in a bottle, just a liquid. It can’t do anything to you if you never pick it up. You have the power to change yourself!

Here’s some other things to consider…

Since quitting (126 days ago), I:

  1. Have improved relationships with my family and friends
  2. Never wake up feeling horrible
  3. Remember everything
  4. Have better conversations, an more interested
  5. Sleep so good!
  6. Am not scatter-brained
  7. Have peace and calm in my life
  8. Am happy
  9. Have started back at college to work on my bachelors degree
  10. Have started losing weight
  11. Eat healthier
  12. Have more energy
  13. Don’t feel like a loser
  14. Have more money
  15. Spend my time in more meaningful ways
  16. Have started painting again, and have started making things (with cl as y, sewing, etc) again
  17. Never make my don feel like he’s bad and like he should have prevented me from getting drunk. (Yes, my son thought mommy got drunk because he was bad) holy crap! What kind of mother does that??? Apparently, alot.

I went to AA my first two weeks, and it really helped me feel better about what I had done, drinking and it’s fall out. Truth is, work got really busy and I never made it back. I meant to go back. I also found a fb group called This Naked Mind, there is also a book by the same title. But the group is great, very supportive. Anything you are feeling…they have been through it too. Maybe give it a try. 126 days, and it’s been pretty easy!

You can do this!! Alcohol is not your friend, so don’t listen when the monster inside tells you one or two doesn’t matter…it’s lying to you. Don’t listen to those thoughts.


I pulled through the night and am now about halfway through day 6 and feeling a lot better. The things you said here resonate with me and I imagine I will be coming back to this post to check myself more than a couple times. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to share this with me. I appreciate everyone who hopped on this thread to show their support. Dont know if I would have even made it this far had I not found this community. My best wishes and thanks to you all!

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