Crazy Dream

I almost never remember my dreams, but I remembered this one from last night/early morning. I dreamt that I drank. I didn’t see myself do it, but I realized in the dream I had because there were bags of trash, my attempts to hide what I had done. Giant bags, all puffed up with really weird things- clothes, toys, I couldn’t even see it all- and I just kept trying to close all the bags. Then I discovered I had 3 kids in my care. They are sisters, and I know them. I had to try to make them look perfect for the day so no one knew my secret. It was so stressful and awful and so much work. When I woke up I was so relieved to be ME, sober, with only 1 bag of legit trash that I’m hiding only in a kitchen trash can. I am amazed by how symbolic this dream was. I am amazed I woke from it in Thanksgiving morning. I am GRATEFUL it was a dream and I have a whole day to slay without any of the nightmare being real.