Cute thread


Along the lines of the humor thread, we need a cute thread. Forgive mine for being baby heavy, but that’s the cute stuff I am looking at lately. Yours don’t have to revolve around offspring, it just has to make us go, “Awwww, that is SO fucking cute!!!”

Because sometimes life is ugly. You need a cute pick me up.

Puppy 🐶 cuteness



I’m fascinated with Penguins. They are amazing creatures!


Awww, I really like zebras.



I love cats :heart_eyes:



Saoirse the cat has moved in here and hijacked our hearts. Even though it defies all logic to get a cat right now. She is so very cute.


Kitty mom!


Perhaps the Lord has sent you a blessing?




I think so. I need to get off my ass and have a lot to do. This cat is a fan of doing.

And it feels somewhat redemptive. Some of you know that in my active addiction I killed my cat. That cat was the only reason I got out of bed after rehab and I somehow couldn’t take good enough care of her to live through. I was super ashamed. I have felt unworthy of pets since I opened the trunk of my car summer of 2015 to find my beloved cat had died sucking a mop in a ditch effort to drink before she cooked to death. I had been looking for her in the roads and closets… I just couldn’t find her in time.


That is sad. I don’t think the Lord would have sent this cat, if you weren’t ready for it. I was thinking He sent him for your daughter, so she would have someone small and cute to care for, while you are tending to the baby.



Kitties !




I had to leave him though. I wanted to take him when I left where I was staying but he’s not mine :disappointed: