Cute thread


House sitting a puppy for a friend…It doesn’t look like a puppy, but is super loveable


Oh no. It looks like a puppy to me. Omg I LOVE to play rough with big puppies. Stick. I love to play stick until someone bleeds. Good dogs end the game without being told. They smell the blood before you know you’re bleeding and then they have the most adorable “shame” face.


Ah that’s so tragic, you didn’t mean it so please don’t carry that weight around. Saoirse will be a great addition to your family.


my boys taken earlier this month


Love seeing family pictures on here! My family is the center of my world. I really feel like if the world values family a little more, we’d be in a better situation.


I feel very fortunate to have them, I want to be a better person for them and myself :heart_eyes:


My favorite picture of my little girl. I think I will always see her like this.227062722439


Bless her…


I don’t have a picture but I got to play with a young pit bull the other day. He was tied up outside the library so I stopped to pet him. He was tied right on the sidewalk in front so I figured it was okay to pet him and he jumped right in to my lap.


Love it! Wish I had a girl, instead I have a basketball team of boys…


My first Strava friend!!!


Boys make you tough. Girls turn you into goo.


Side note: I haven’t started running yet, all of mine are walks, hence the times


You will be! Everyday is a new chance to recommit to them. I try to spend 1 on 1 time with each of my boys as frequent as I can. Matter of fact, I’m taking Collin, my oldest to work tomorrow for Take Your Son To Work Day.


I told you we are going to have a Strava following soon!


No judgements. I look at improvements, not times


… why am I not a beast yet?


I was lucky enough to be able to take my boys to work with me through nursery as I worked there, made it easier for me to return to work :slight_smile:


Thank you for creating this topic. It is helpful!!!:frog::frog::frog::frog::frog:


These two are always hanging out in front of family dollar.