Cute thread


Ducks mate for life.


I suppose this is an interracial couple then :laughing:


They look the same race to me…


Notice the blue wing stripe on both of them.


I did not. My mom has always had ducks as pets…they are super cool. I think they are still good eating though. :wink:


I heard they are hit or miss. Never ate one before I went vegetarian so I guess I will never know.


Found @DowntroddenGoat s baby pics :joy:



My sponsor got him this lil doggie (which he pretended not to like at the time). He has been inseparable with that thing the past few days.


Haven’t seen you around much Rosey…always great to see you. Nice pics!


They’re the same species. The colorful one is the male, the brownish one is the female. Lots of bird species are like that. It’s called sexual dimorphism.


We always had pekings…they are all white and don’t say Aflac. Lol.


I’m more familiar with that terminology when referred to plants.


But isn’t Maine duck country?


We have quite a few…mallards are what we hunt. We get to knock down 5 a day.


Hmmm… I haven’t often heard the term sexual dimorphism used when talking about plants. I guess you could think of some species that way, in that there are male plants and female plants, but usually their leaves look the same, it’s just the flowers that are different.


Are you allowed to kill males and females, either one? Or just males?


I remember it being used in microbiology…it was also mentioned in anatomy in reference to the male/female pelvic region. Admittedly, those college days were a while ago and it’s not something I teach these days.


Did you really need all this science to see the male and female version of the same duck? I feel so blessed all of a sudden. I have gotten to see cute duck couples as far back as I can remember. I’m no expert…


Surprisingly I may have slept through those classes because I honestly did not know. Goes to show you what 2 degrees gets you…lol!