Cute thread


No, this was like toddlerhood. They wander about in adorable pairs everywhere. Like, I’m playing in the sprinkler of my front yard and there they are hanging out.


I never asked…ducks were all over the place. Should I feel stupid because of this??? :laughing::laughing: my intellectual compass is all over the place now and I feel like I need to read scarlet letter or something.


Lol, buttnugget


At least you’re ahead of many of my students who think all birds are the same species


I’ve been around here and there…just haven’t had much to say.


Stay frosty. Be good.




Oh my god, the faces! Hahahaaa! Get em kitty!


Fact of the day about penguins


This little dog is a trip lol


I think my family is pretty ccute :heart_eyes:


Beautiful family!


I love the idea of a cute thread, and so heres a cute dog :sparkling_heart::joy::clap: