Daily Gratitude Group


Grateful to have almost 24 hours sober. It has been awhile and I am glad I can experience gratitude for it even though it is quite a struggle for me today…


What a beautiful place


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@SearchForHappiness got this gratitude thread going, @L3AH. Lots of good vibes up in here. :hugs:


I am grateful for being in bed at 11pm and sleepy after a day of boxing and work.


Greatful for all my family and friends being well.


I’m grateful my poor abused body kept me going even when I was slowly killing it.


I am grateful to have “choices” today and to be of “sound mind” :pray:


Sarah, I was homeless during the run-up to a breezy Eastern European winter because of my addiction.

Im grateful there are people who recognise this problem and doubly grateful for my mother and step-father for giving me a ‘new pair of shoes’ to start my recovery journey with.


Today I’m grateful for my mental health improvements over anything else. I can’t successfully have anything if I don’t have myself first.


I am grateful for my friends that I told today I was going to meetings and who were super supportive.

I’m grateful for my new AA friends and they we are texting to check in daily.

I’m grateful for this forum and the positivity, inspiration and support.


I am grateful for my brilliant daughter, she keeps me young, a sharp, loving and goal focused.

I’m grateful for my life partner, I love love love this human.

I’m grateful for my health improving in strides.


I am grateful to live in a house full of family activity, and to be sober to participate in it.


Today, I am grateful that I am alive. I should have died a few days ago with the amount of stuff I didn’t.

And with that, I am grateful for my younger sister who seems to be the older one in my times of need.
I am grateful for Zakary, my light house that carries me home, my confidant, my lover and my best friend.

But mostly, I’m just so fucking grateful that God saw something in my life when i didn’t.


Grateful for pulling through another very emotionally difficult day…


I’m grateful for an old friend who touched base after some time to say hi and sent her well wishes. it was a nice share


I am grateful for sleeeeeep. I am still sleeping more than 8 hours, but I wake up relaxed and happy.

My internal monologue is down to a 3/10 instead of its usual 10/10 after a night of vino.

Today I am 1 month sober!


Hi Josh. That sounds unbearable. I’m happy that things are better for you now.




Grateful for morning coffee with this view, which has given me a feeling of peace and gratitude and a feeling that this will be a good day :kissing_heart:


Grateful for a great nights sleep and waking up refreshed and working out for 40 min before work. Grateful for sobriety as it is making me a better father, husband and person.