Daily Gratitude Group


I am grateful to have an intelligent, understanding, beautiful girlfriend and two very smart, very well-behaved doggos to share this house with. I love our little family so much.


I’m grateful for my wiener dog Pepper Jack and his goofy personality


Grateful for music and books because they are able to manifest my deepest feelings and thoughts :sparkles:


Grateful for not being so hard on myself today.
Grateful for music, yes, agree but now I have to choose the one that doesn’t remind me of alcohol!


That’s a awesome. We all tend to beat ourselves up without a second thought. We’re only human and we need to learn to forgive ourselves.


Grateful for music and books they have kept me going this last 6 days . My Kindle is never far from my side wether i be reading or streaming music,as load as I can.


Grateful for the voice of Eddie Vedder - whose music can make me feel like I am still nineteen years old. (I know, I know…that’s really random.):thinking:


I am grateful I live miles away from a liquor store, because it takes effort & time to get there, which means more opportunity for me to make good decisions.


I am grateful for my bed. And Netflix and my cat.sleepy time goodnight!


I’m grateful for the people that never gave up on me.


I am grateful that I’m noticing that I am changing for the better. I am more positive. I feel more joy. If something sets me off, I’m better at recognising it and taking a pause before reacting. I’m better at thinking about what is good and healthy for me. I’m more thoughtful of others.
Long may this personal progress continue.


Today I’m greatful for my optimism and courage :smiley:


I am grateful that my mad anxious thoughts are down from a 10/10 to a 3/10.


I’m grateful for my awkwardness because it reminds me that I’m still alive and sober. Embrace the awkwardness and eventually it goes away😀


I am grateful that my warm home is filled with loving creatures. Though I could do without the mice.


I am grateful that I am going to a yoga class today on a bank holiday, unlike a few friends who text me to cancel as they have hangovers.

It reminds me that I would have absolutely done the same thing not so long ago, have lots of great weekend plans and then lie in bed hungover feeling guilty.


Been there as well. Wife says “why don’t we go here on sunday” Saturday night we down loads of wine, then don’t get out of bed till lunch time. Sad. All that wasted time.


I am trying not to be smug and unbearable but it is difficult! :smile:


I am grateful that I just had the most productive day in years.


I’m grateful for my super loving and supportive mom in law. I love that woman💜