Daily Gratitude List. Gratitude is the air of recovery

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. That’s great.

Wonderful post as well.


I’m grateful to God please guide me to be better than I was yesterday while remaining clean and sober. I’m grateful for my recovery. I’m grateful for All my family, friends, TS and the gratidudes. I’m grateful to be home safe and that my parents messaged to say they just got back home safe too. I’m grateful for good food and shelter.
God bless you all. :v: & :heart:

p.s. You are amazing. Ya you!!


Today I’m grateful that I don’t drink anymore. I’m grateful for the realization that I’m not “healed” of everything just because I’m sober. I have a lot of work ahead of me. I’m grateful for friends and family who aren’t drinking around me. I know I’ll be put in that position eventually, but for now I’m protecting this beautiful gift I’ve given myself… and I’m grateful to the ones I love for keeping the alcohol away. I’m grateful for y’all and for your shares that help me to grow. I feel a lot of love for y’all. :heart:


Good evening, all.
I’m grateful for all of your messages today. Grateful that I have actually read them rather than skimming through them as I have been doing recently. Grateful for the reminder that gratitude is a powerful force in my life. Sometimes we forget how great things are, even when they are right under our noses and part of our daily routines - and they just drift away without us realising it.
Grateful to have turned a bit of a corner today. I’ve been wallowing in self pity since I haven’t been able to get all the way home to England because of a combination of Brexit and Covid. I am at our modest little house in France and have spent Christmas with my wife’s (very French) family. They are lovely people, but they aren’t MY people - and they really don’t get sobriety at all. However, today I am grateful to be here in this wonderful place with these wonderful people, regardless of anything else that I might have missed out on.
Grateful to have my first ever sober Christmas under my belt. I have definitely been tempted - today, particularly - but the clarity of thought that almost a year of sobriety has given to me has carried me through. I know what I want in the big picture, so a little picture buzz, with potentially disastrous consequences - no matter how tempting - wasn’t going to happen.
I’m grateful for my wonderful wife. I know that I love her completely in the bigger picture - although she has been hard work this week. She has drank a lot with her family and it has made things a bit challenging at times, but I know how lucky I am overall. :rofl::joy:
Grateful that @M-be-free49 has been back posting. Life is complicated, innit?! I know you’ll do the right thing.
Have a great Boxing Day. :blue_heart:


Today I’m grateful to have very (Edit: very little!!!) physical pain. I’m grateful for the quick video chat we had with my family last night and that my niece loves her new toys and wanted to show them to us. I’m grateful we are all on the same page getting her toys that build her imagination, are made more locally, and have less plastic (when possible). She was so cute playing those drums and xylophone. I’m grateful I feel loved and appreciated. I’m grateful I have people I love and appreciate. I am grateful for my Mother-in-law and how thoughtful she is. She may not show much emotion or is as free with affection as my family, but I’ve come to appreciate her over the years. She shows how she cares in other ways. I am grateful for my stocked pantry and the ability to whip up a meal or a spread of goodies fairly easily. I am grateful to be mentally prepared to get back to some basics, working on myself and my surroundings and keep chipping away at my issues.

I’m grateful for the support of my amigos here. :heartpulse:


I’m new to the community and wanted to say that I’m thankful for a few things today:
My 2 beautiful children.
Having a roof over my head.
Having a vehicle to transport myself and kids.
Celebrating Christmas with my family for the first time in 2 years.
Enjoying mother nature today even in -5C weather
The beautiful and warm sunshine on my face today.
Waking up sober for 4+ months


“I am grateful for curiosity and that I genuinely feel it towards myself and some of my “inappropriate” feelings. I am grateful that I can sit back and say " Hey now wait a minute, where is this coming from…” instead of riding the crap feeling into crap land where I will only be met with a crap load of more crap. Tired of that shit."
@Its_me_Stella Yes, this! The promises do come true, if we practice the honesty, openness and willingness, especially with ourselves. The time I did have some therapy, I described childhood often being told that my feelings were wrong, as similar to “living in a houseful of fun house mirrors, but without any fun”. Now, I’m at peace with all of it, after years of eyeroll :roll_eyes: when my Mom would say, “I did the best I could”. I understand it now, and believe it. Thank God, because we had made peace before her death. So I read your post, and laughed and then said, yeah, wow, I can relate! Grateful for your share, so perfectly expressed. :kissing_heart: You go, Girl!
Grateful for a quiet, busy day. Rode, changed about 10,000 horse blankets and coolers and boots, and came home to cold weather chores. Oh, and my sponsee asking if we could “start over” January 1st. As in, drink all week :fearful:
I requested that she go to a mid-day meeting, a big one in Portland, and ask for a show of hands of people whose sober birthday is January 1st. Then follow up with how many had tried for this date and failed to keep it. I probably should have asked it in the reverse order, but she got the idea. She called me a little while ago, and told me that she wasn’t going to party tonight, and wants to talk more tomorrow about New Years Eve. One day at a time. It’s the only way possible :v::heart::pray:


I’m grateful I have a support system here. Was about to go to bed and a family member sent me a text that I should be focusing less on sobriety and more on gaining weight. What a lovely way to end the holidays where I really tried to make everything perfect.


Hey, I didn’t tell you congratulations :tada::tada: on your 90! Congrats :clap::tada: Well done! Don’t let the relatives get you down. We know you’ve been cooking and eating beautiful food. We’re on your side; you are brilliant to be going sober so young! :heart:


I’m grateful to be in my wee home, safe and warm, having just finished an at-home yoga session. Soft lighting and mellow tunes.

I’m grateful for the day I had. I keep thinking some task will take an hour, but when I give them the time they deserve, they take half a day but are so much more enjoyable. I sorted my closet. I got some paperwork done. Resolution: rush through things less.

I’m grateful for threads here (H.A.L.T.) where I can speak my truth that moment and then move past it.
I’ll never go hungry - I’m grateful for my frig of yummy healthy food.
I’m grateful I can switch up my travel plans yet again - it’s just not safe to travel alone on a highway with intermittent cell service during an extreme cold warning (-40C, anyone?). I’ll wait it out wisely, and see Mom when it’s safe to travel. I’m grateful I have things I’m excited to fill my time with this week - so many things!
I’m grateful for the pals that text and call and make me realize how rich I am in my family of friends. I’m grateful the dude is spending the week with his kid and we talk and text all the same. (It’s so new, really, it feels weird to write about, but it’s big so I’m writing about it.)
I’m grateful I feel better and less tired after the booster shot, and woke up sober and sans hangover on boxing day.

I don’t have a damn thing to complain about, you know that?

I’m grateful for another day. :orange_heart:


Ah, family! So many ways that comment is off!

I think you did make the holidays pretty perfect - for you. You did 'em sober. Your post yesterday made me glow. Go back to that place (Anne Lamott calls it our emotional acre - no one is allowed in unless we let them in, and if they violate it, we get to remove them!) you described yesterday, full of all of the love for yourself. Your family member’s words don’t fit in that place, do they? Sorry fam. :wink:

EDIT: I think @Its_me_Stella said something about this very thing, yesterday…

Oh, and huge congrats on 90+ days! You are killing it. :orange_heart:


Mhm, I was going to quote myself in a response to Carolyn but is that even allowed??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The best people to understand us is people like us!!! I’m glad you are finding support here too.



Lmao over and over … I have almost done the same… come on, you and I know we both post some gems. Lmao … maybe that is ego talk or arrogance but I choose to say… at least for now it is confidence :wink:


I’m grateful for another sober day.
I’m grateful for the break from work.
I’m grateful for the rest. I feel really good physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
I’m grateful to feel spiritual. I’ve felt spiritually challenged since my son died in 2006. Long before that actually. when that happened, I closed myself off to anything spiritual. The word god angered me. It was based on outdated belief structures. I don’t know how to define it or explain what I feel. I just like it. It makes me grateful.

This break was filled with triggers. A break from crabbing with plenty of money to celebrate a good season. Xmas. I couldn’t drink enough through Xmas in the past. My boat. There’s a great excuse to celebrate. Crack a bottle of champagne on the bow and celebrate! Celebration triggers are more tempting than drinking over bad things. Not this time. I am grateful.

I don’t have anything bad to drink over happening in my life right now. I am grateful.

I had to work for a few hours today. Everyone was drinking except me. They made it look fun for a minute, but it didn’t last long. Drunk people talk a lot. They engage in conversation but don’t listen to anything anyone else has to say. They end up talking over each other and nobody hears a word the other person says. It’s a complete waste of time. You might as well stay home and talk to the wall. At least the wall will listen. I’m grateful I don’t do that anymore.

The weathers looking good. Another grind…

Before Skipper got too drunk, we talked about my boat. Talked about an autopilot. It’s not as expensive as I thought it was going to be. I have the money. I’m ordering it on my next break. I’m grateful.

He congratulated me. He told me I’ve been the best deckhand he has had, and the boat has made more money since I’ve been on it, and he was sad to see me go. he also said I deserved it and was capable of success and he would help me in any way that he could. It made me feel really good. I am grateful.

He was worried about me not finishing crab season and he gave me a better long-line hauler for my boat if I will finish crab season. We shook hands on it. It’s a 5-thousand-dollar part. I planned on finishing my commitment because it’s the right thing to do. This is a bonus. I’m grateful!


90 days! Congrats! Its a huge milestone! I loved your share! :muscle:


Could we say it any better? Probably not, but it bears repeating.

So grateful for you and all of your words. :pray: :orange_heart:


Oh Callie. I’m so sorry someone would write that to you. That’s got to hurt. I’m grateful I’ve calmed down before my response to you because I was going to say some harsh words about your relative.
But you know? It’s just ignorance on their part. They just don’t know shit about addictions or eating disorders. You’re doing a wonderful job and I so admire you and all you’ve accomplished. Keep up the great work.
Side note of unwanted advice. I wish I could have let go of trying to make everything perfect a long time ago.
Sweet dreams my friend.
:pray:t2::heart: Big hug.
Keep kicking ass :leg:


Your posts make me emotional, man. Grateful.


Oh good grief. I’m sorry that happened to you.

I’m really not sure why people think they can tell anyone what to do, especially if advice or counsel was not requested.

Humans really are too much.

Enjoy your day with whatever priorities bring you peace and joy. You deserve to be happy and proud of yourself.


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