Daily Greeting


Happy Saturday!


Right back at you, Sir…


Howdy everyone! It has been awhile since I have spent any time on here! I’ve met some awesome, sober gals I hang out with these days. So, I’m usually busy hanging with sober friends, doing projects or getting a little bit of Shauna time. I hope everyone is rocking it😘


It’s nice to see you Shauna. Great to hear you’re doing well!


Thanks! In the beginning i just wanted to veg out, but there is so much more to recovery than sitting around! There are ladies to hang out with, projects to do and places to go. Hope you’re well​:wink::grinning:


Know what you mean. It took me a couple of months to get the enthusiasm up to do more than just go to work. Some days I didn’t even do that!
These days, I don’t have a busy social life, didn’t before really, just finding more time now for projects around home.
On the whole, feeling free and happy :grinning:


Good morning? Stay strong. Stay thr course.


Good morning Chris! Staying the course.


Indeed we are a Tom, hows things in Chicago. Warming up a bit I imagine?


Funny you should ask, Chris! It WAS trending nicely and tomorrow is supposed to be back in the 60’s…but today we are catching the tail end of that ‘bomb cyclone’ or whatever it’s called and have this…


Good morning everyone


Good morning!


I love the view T, too bad about the weather.


Top of the morning to you, may your day be filled with great friends and the love of your family…


Right back at you, Sir


Good evening to you Chris. Getting a bit busier here now :grin:


Agus tusa, an mhaith leis an gaelige :grinning:.


aloha kakahiaka? e ikaika mau. noho i ka holo ana


Is saol níos fearr sober


Good morning? Stay strong. Stay the course.