Daily Tip for the Struggling Newbie

Please give ONE tangible tip (single sentence if possible), for the day, so that us struggling newbies can check them out and pick one that we can work on that day. i.e, set an alarm to walk for 5 mins every hour. Probably sounds stupid, but if we’re on here, we know what we’re trying for, but need something that is immediately achievable and attainable on a daily basis, so we don’t feel defeated while we’re working on how to make sobriety a reality, which is much more complex.
Thank you!


Drink a tall glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning everyday before doing anything else. (Kickstarts metabolism)


Every craving will pass. You do not need to give in to the craving.



Thank you @MoPo That’s something I can do :+1:

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Tell everyone you know that you’ve quit drinking permanently, no matter how uncomfortable it is for you. If you do that, people will know that you are serious about this - that you’ve made a life changing decision. But more importantly, you will
know that you are serious about this.


Thank you @VSue … trickier, but I hear you :pray:

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@ChicagoT … Ahhhh. That will be a target. I hear you, and I ‘know’ you’re right. Did you do that right out of the gate, or wait until you were some days in? I would love to get to 30 days (10 days is a challenge), before I go there. I feel bad enough that I’ve hit reset here so often, where it’s just me and fellow sympathetic folks. That’s why I wanted this newbies thread. Help to get over the initial hump…

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Find a simple, beneficial thing you can do successfully each day that makes you feel good. It could be watering a plant, messaging a friend far away, meditating, learning a new word in a foreign language, arranging your home a little, etc. Something easy that you know that will build into something bigger over time. Then after a while, make it two things, and so on.


I did it right out of the gate. First I called or visited my closest friends, the ones who I drank with. The first few were hard, lots of tears on my end. Within a week I told everybody; friends, family, parents, colleagues, etc. Within 2 weeks I was telling people who I never even met lol - they always had the same look “why the f’ are you telling me this!” Now it just rolls out of my face on a regular basis :grinning: I truly believe that it’s the only way to know for yourself that you are truly serious, committed and have decided.


Play that drink through to the end.

Imagine taking that drink. What happens then? Be honest with yourself. Do you stop at one? Have a few more? Say and do things you will regret? Wake up sick and filled with remorse and shame?

For me, there is no good outcome. I will inevitably wind up hurting myself and people I love. That first drink never has a good ending…


Keep busy! Volunteer to help others if possible. It will get you out of yourself by focusing on others.

If you get a craving play it all the way out in your head to the end. How do you see yourself feeling the next day? Disappointed and angry? Yep. So dont do it.

Only you can make you drink. No person or situation can make you drink.


Great minds think alike lol. I also was posting about playing it through mentally. That’s great its posted twice because its sooo important and it works.


Thank you @Steve.21 … now I’ve got to work out how to print these gems :flushed::+1:


@ChicagoT … that’s awesome, and terrifying! … and maybe in time, inspiring. I love it, but am scared at the same time. Well done you :+1: :pray:

Along the lines of what Holly @MoCatt said. Think about what it is that has you picking up after 10 days? That’s a long ass time. Like, how are you justifying it to yourself after that long?

I always struggled with 24 hours and then it was the first weekend. After I made it a couple of days my resolve grew, then after 2 weeks it grew even more. Then I had to put it the real work.


Make a sobriety plan for yourself. Write it down and stick to it.
Keep busy.
Volunteer at a shelter or food bank
Go to a meeting
Read a sobriety book of some sort.


@Frank68 Thank you! I do need to get out of my own way, and focus/help others. I’m just not quite sure of how to get from here to there… yet…

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Write down all the reasons you want to quit. All the negative things it causes. Keep it and read it when you crave.

Keep reading it.


@Jante76 I haven’t made it to double figures in years. Since I joined here, 6 days had been my longest duration. Absolute exhaustion was my primary ‘reason’ to relapse. I just so desperately needed sleep, even if it was alcohol induced :flushed:

Well, 6 days is long too. I never dreamed of making it almost a week.
Sleep will improve. It takes time though. Alcohol fueled sleep isn’t nearly as good as sober sleep. Even though I was sleeping more a night while drunk it was shit sleep. It took me a couple of weeks to get a decent sleep in.