Day 1 again dissapointed

Doing well but I drank last night knowing I was academic suspension from school. Need hobbie avoid drinking

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Don’t be discouraged. Fall down. Get back up.

That you are here at all on this forum says much.

It’s not easy to suggest a hobby as I don’t know you but yes, You need a replacement reaction to that trigger. Chocolate. Pizza. Not great for you but better than alcohol. If it’s a real tension moment even a cigarette is better. I’m smoking maybe 6 a month.

Read up about how the brain works. Interesting stuff. You can train yourself to react in different ways. First you force yourself, then it becomes a little more like a habit.


Thanks yeah I get my triggers it usually when I’m at my apt alone. When I’m around my GF and her kids I’m okay then when home alone I end up dribking. Just keeping busy now hungry