Day 1 Again :(

I don’t want to drink anymore, need positive vibes


Welcome back Rebecca
Are you attending any meetings or actively doing something to help with your recovery. This is a horrible disease and i am sending you positive vibes to help you conquer this demon.
Stick around here - some great support and amazing advice
Sending strength :muscle: :heart:


Hi Rebecca, don’t be too hard on yourself. I think of sobriety as being like when you are trying to tip over a soda machine you have to rocket it back-and-forth a few times before it finally goes over. This is my third attempt and for me I find that whenever I’m triggering I go outside and go for a walk. Before you know it the thought will be gone and you will make it another day. Best of luck to you you can do it!


Don’t worry about starting again. By being here and by acknowledging the issue you are making positive changes :blush:
Today is a new day. Don’t dwell on yesterday. Focus on today. Focus on things that make you feel healthy and happy. Go for a walk. Watch a feel good film with some good food. Try something new maybe, like sign up to a class, painting class, hiking group, anything really.

And remember that you are not alone in this.

Sending you lots and lots of virtual positivity from London :hugs::hugs::hugs: You can and you will do this :muscle:

Have a great day! :sunflower:


Welcome back!
Make a plan how do stay sober would be my advice. I do not know what you’ve done so far?
Just try to quit is not enough. I know it’s hard to break the circle of drinking. But it’s douable. But it needs work.

For me the most important things I did where:

  • Get all alcohol out of the house
  • Avoid alcohol related events, people and places for the first 3 months of my recovery
  • Tell the people close by I do not drink and ask them to support me and do not offer me drinks
  • Read recovery books and listenen to recovery podcast to stay motivated and get tips.
  • Be here every day to stay focussed and learn about addiction and how to beat it. Also because I need people around me who understand what addiction is.
  • Tried almost every tip I read here. Be openminded! I kept the ones that worked and trowed away who didn’t.
  • Focus on today and today only, babysteps!
    Your goal is going to bed sober.
    Repeat tomorrow :wink:

So stick around!
I saw you where active in june 2022, then it was silenced.
Don’t be a stranger, addiction grows in isolation.
Be a part of this community and start to collect the things that work for you.
I have collect many things that helps me in my recovery. I call it my sober plan. It took time to collect those and I still find new things that help! Sober for years now.
Find your own, start right now! :facepunch:

You can do it, I know you can.


Welcome back! What are you doing this time to stay sobet?


Currently looking for local support groups!


I got this :slight_smile:


I’ve been keeping my mind occupied with work/kids/cleaning the house, basically trying to stay as busy as I can. Neeed to hobbies to get into


Thank you! This support app has really helped me


I know how you feel but you only fail when you don’t get back up again.


That is, or at least for me, part of recovery. The other part was fixing the “why I drank”. Have you thought about doing anything to address that?


I too, just completed day 1 again. This time, i think I’m more ready for success. My 1st attempt was kind of accidental…I really wasn’t ready to quit but just to take a break after a really tough drinkfest! Now, I think I’m just ready to give it up entirely. Good luck to you! I feel like i learned something from my relapse and perhaps you did too!