Day #1 - Alcohol Withdrawals


You’re doing so well I had all the same symptoms. I’m on day 19 and whilst the depression comes and goes I can sleep, my appetite is back and I feel proud when I take the recycling out and the bin isn’t just overflowing with beer cans. Hang in there buddy you can do this. Another nice thing is that all of my friends keep saying how well I look and that I am ‘much more myself’


Day #5… still hanging in there

The Hangover can be worse than the drinking

I think a video blog is a cool idea. This is some 1st step stuff right here. Next time you wanna drink you should watch these videos.


Yes, absolutely. I mention that in this latest video… if I ever have the urge to drink, all I gotta do is watch Day #1 and I’ll get a quick reminder of why I quit.


You’re going to be so glad you did this… I wish I’d have done it… I started a list on day one and still add to it I’m day 16 and I read it every time I have an urge and it helps a lot