Day 1 and nervous as heck!

I love my guys (husband and son) to death and ***that’s exactly what they want me to do. *** Love myself and them enough to KILL the Addiction. And the cravings. Those are my downfall ? Well any advice guyon how to get threw the 1st 2 weeks would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! THK U ALL!


Daily meetings.
Calling and texting recovering addicts when the urges hit.
Learning everything I could about this brain disease.

It’s simple but not easy. The good news is you took the hardest step!


Im on day 5 now, its tough. 40 years old, drinking since i was 14, no lie. You can do it, we are all here for one goal, to stop using. You got this, i got this, its a journey not a destination. Best of luck.

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Change every way you think about drugs and alcohol. Read about the terrible things they are doing to you and to others. Really listen to your loved ones, about how terribly it’s affecting them. Find the reality of addiction. Then vow, to yourself, to never go back there again.


Day 1 here also. Tired of all the bad feelings


Try to remember how life was/should be before drinking or (choose your disease). It’s supposed to be like that!

Welcome, I relate my 3 year old was the reason I finally surrendered to the being an addict thought.

I tagged you in a different thread, feel free to look in to it or not :wink:

Hi Safari, welcome to you to! Accept that your feelings will not change in one day.

We didn’t became addicts in one day either so take it slow :muscle:

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Thanks, I will keep that in mind! Been my whole adult life that I looked for a reason to have some drinks

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Same here. I’m with you on the journey though. :hugs:

Thanks , I’ll keep in touch!:+1:

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My advice…be as selfish as you need to be. TAKE CARE OF YOU FIRST. I would be upfront with your husband (and I guess your son too if he is old enough to understand your situation) and let him know that you will be looking after your needs to not pick up.

This is probably the hardest thing for us moms to do. We are givers givers givers to the point that we are exhausted and angry…and then we use our DOC as a way to release all that and “recover” from our daily stresses. But our DOC really did none of that, did it. It is so hard for us to not give everything. It goes against our every instinct. But if you don’t do it you will find yourself reaching for that DOC sooner rather than later.

Be selfish. It’s okay.


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Well blew it! Started over . Going on day 3 now

Well, in full disclosure I’m starting back on day 1. I have had beer a few times and I now know I can’t stop it on my own.
I left the app for a bit and I really felt alone! Having a very close friend die unexpectedly through me, not that it was an excuse; I wasn’t handling it well.

Truly answer every question with an open honest heart as addicts we lie to others btvmore so we lie to ourselves.bevkind to yourself,get to your local drug and alcohol support services if u can there’s so much support out there but we have to work hard for every second of our soberity.IS IT WORTH IT HELL YES. congratulations on day 1

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Fell off the wagon after a couple days. Seems like I can find an excuse or just feel it’s necessary to have a drink because I’m entitled to. Must get stronger and work through this

Sorry gang , fell off the wagon! Need to be stronger! Never had anything in my life I couldn’t accomplish! This is really hitting home

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Ah Donna so sorry to here u r struggling. Isn’t it a nightmare when we drink or drug again. It can be so hard to get back on track again. I’m so pleased your here sharing this. I’ve tried everything in the past to stop but it always gets me time and time again that’s the insanity of our illness. If u ever need a chat please message me . U got so many friends here wanting the best 4 u . Have u tried aa meetings? They are the only thing that’s helped me stay clean. X

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Thanks Nat, I will reach out more. Had been going to the meetings, I don’t think I was putting any effort in though.
I’ll make some changes this time. :kissing_heart:

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Hey guys and Donna for being kind. I think the best way for me to say this is I lost control and was weak. It’s not anybody’s fault but my own. Need to get stronger

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