Day 1…For the second time

I got sober for 3 weeks back in May and relapsed. I decided that tomorrow will be day 1 for me again. I need all the prayers because im serious this time! I hate living my life like this!


I’ll pray you find the courage to seek help and support. And always always ask for help before you pick up. It’s very humbling to ask for help. Because I could not do this without help. No way. God is the only thing I know that’s stronger than addiction and he gave me lots of help. But only if I was willing to ask and seek it.


Day 1 for me too. Know your not in it alone, I’ll pray for you and I don’t pray :heart: Hang in there

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Thanks so much I will pray for you too

Thank you for the kind words I appreciate you!

Everyday is a new beginning, just living one day at a time. When i got serious about my sobriety i quit worring about how long id be clean/sober. Just 24hrs make it through an hr at a time they start adding up. You made it back thats the important thing have to remember alot dont make it dealing with everything, drugs and alcohol kill people dont hear much say that its a great lifestyle to live personally i know i wont survive if i go back out. But i will say that its great to be clean and sober!:pray:

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