Day 1 of 1year


Hi all I decided to take some time off not long ago and made it to 6 months.i felt pretty good just got tired of my BF getting wasted while I was sober so decided to drink again. Recently have been feeling like crap. I feel like my gallbladder is about to quit or beginning to deteriorate and there is the whole need to lose a to. Of weight that alcohol doesn’t support especially since I like craft beers. Anyway I want to shoot for a year and also do hot power yoga. I really hope things change in my life. So depressed these days.


You had 6 months, started drinking again, and your health suffered again. What makes 1 year the magic number? Why would it be any different after a year?

Not being a troll, I’d genuinely like to know what the thought process is?


It isn’t a magic number… It is just longer than six months but not forever. I guess I’m not ready to commit to never drinking again I just want to be healthier and I figure a year is a good amount of time to see some changes mentally and physically


All I do is not drink for today. Much easier that way


Yea that makes sense. I’m hungover today so makes it easy not to drink.


I started with a goal. 100 days. Then 200. A year. Then 500. Now I’m on ro 750 days. It helps me to work towards something. There’s a ton pf pressure in never. Although at this point i can’t think of a good reason to have a drink anymore…So best of luck to you and your goal. You never know, it may lead to a lifestyle change that is forever.


Thanks I think that is why I set a year bc I made it to 6 months before. I didn’t think I would want to drink again towards the end of six months but I did so I’m hoping a year will give me more time to make it a lifestyle change permanently


When i hit my first goal, a friend who has been 23 years sober told me he can’t think of a good reason to have a drink. That helped with setting the next goal. I guess my thought will be on day 366 is the reason to habe one good enough. Only you will be able to answer that.


I was on vacation last week so postponed my sober date. I know I know there will be more vacations that I will have to choose but I am good now. Feel like crap or did put on like 8 lbs so back in the gym and clean eating.


When you mentioned your gallbladder before, is that because you’re puking up bile?

Glad you’re back but sobriety isn’t a short term thing if it’s gonna work, it’s a lifetime effort that gets easier with time and the knowledge of what will happen when you do give yourself an excuse to drink again.