Day 1 of no more alcohol

Hey everyone! Today is DAY 1 for me. I’ve been struggling with alcohol for a few years now and it has affected my health (weight) and marriage. My husband actually asked for a divorce last night. I decided alcohol is not worth losing my husband and splitting our family up. We have three small boys. Y’all pray for me please! I’m praying to never crack another one open again .


Welcome! Thiscis a great first step. We are here to help, so reach out often.

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Asking God for help was probably the single most important thing I’ve done to get sober. I’m glad you took that step


I was in a very similar situation. Praying for your strength. Making that decision is the first step in the right direction. Just remember why you chose to do this when those urges come up and dont hesitate to reach out. You got this. With time, the clairty of your mind and being a more productive human will make you feel so much better than booze ever will. Congrats on the beginning of an amazing journey!

Thank you for replying. Did your marriage end up working out ?

Welcome @Boymom. Most of us here can relate. This is the first step. Don’t be afraid to continue to reach out for advice.

Well done on making a stand and starting. Wishing you well on your journey :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

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Hi and welcome,
Give it all you’ve got and you will make it!
Is there AA in your area or other help you can get?
I come here every day and that helps me a lot,aybe something to concider too :hugs:
I wish you well! :heart:

Hey I can understand totally the situations right now.the guily and shame is running out like craziness right’s happen to me last month. I was lost completly middle of my life in everyrhing. But I beliv in God strongly and I make decision to stop this alcohol habit and hangovers. I been sober day 37 but the regrets and guilty deep inside me untill now i’m so graceful to save my marriage life but I know this is a the last chances . All I need the time to know who am I ,what I wants into my life .there is never too late to lost everything and i believes therr are alws away patience and lets give the best of best to change this and save ur marriage strong and keep praying .

I stopped 4 days ago for the same reason, it’s going to be a challenge just fight through it & you will feel better. Keep your mind occupied, always remember the reasons u are quitting if you get the urge to drink. You got this :muscle:t5::muscle:t5::muscle:t5:


The first step in the right direction! Congrats

Another week without alcohol feel graceful but weekend was a bit hard seeing friends have few glass of champagne . I know where am I stand and the reason too.enjoying evry moment sobriety make me realize how life so beautiful. .

And one thing in life that isn’t particularly beautiful is champagne!

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