Day 1 sober off meth

Today is Day 1 of me being sober off meth… any advice/ motivation would be appreciated !


Sleep and eat. Hydrate. The next few days are the hardest. How long and frequently you used makes a difference in withdrawel symptoms.

Expect alot of ups and downs with emotions and anxiety. Stay away from everything associated with it. Its probably going to feel like quitting is harder before it feels easier.

Seek support groups. Change your friends to people who dont use.


Your worth it! Stay strong💪

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Good on you for coming here Megan. I wish you all the best hun.

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Welcome and good luck with it. You might get the we-wahs that’s what I always called them when your withdrawal starts. It’s a light headed dizziness feeling you get and they last about the first week off of it. At least this is what I experienced. Everyone’s different I suppose… But it all goes away! I’m at 104 days and feel great! Good luck with being clean! You can do it


Like what was said in previous comments, sleep eat and hydrate. Don’t give up. You’ll feel weak and dizzy and just drained physically and mentally and emotionally but stay at it. It doesn’t last forever. I’m 4 months and 14 days clean from meth. Stay strong and if you need to talk I’m here!

Dont doubt your will power to say no when you get a craving. You are stronger than you think! Go off the grid for a bit if you have to. Remove yourself from toxic situations and surround yourself around positive people. You got this girl! You’re already on the right path by deciding you want to quit :heart:


I’m just 6 hours sober from meth myself, but it wouldn’t be my first time quitting and relapsing. 5 days is my personal best, and so I do have sone advice for the initial withdrawal period.

@Seira is absolutely right. And the first couple of days can be tough, but we are talking about our health here. You are strong, I am strong, we are all strong here. And aslong as you believe in yourself, and even if you don’t believe in yourself, we do.

I can tell you right now, from a year of daily use, that it’s truly better and happier when I am sober than when I’m not sober. It’s worth the withdrawal, and we can do this together. P.S., Yes, drink a lot of water and pedialyte, equally mixed. We need water and electrolytes :relaxed:

You can do it! We can do it :smiley: