Day 1 Suboxone?

Does suboxone count as quitting? I used it last time temporarily to get me thru the 1st week. I feel like shit right now

Are you prescribed it? Does it keep you from getting dope? Or pills? Are you abusing it? Those questions answered honestly will give you the answer you want (imo)

Yes it would count as quitting if your DOC is opiates… if you can regulate and discipline urself and jump off the suboxone. then go for it! It helpped me . But dont continue to take it at high dose or for a extended time or you will just wd from subs and be in the same boat but worse… hope that helps


I’m on methadone and have been for four years have been clean from opites for 1 1/2 year so far so good on that

Only take enough sub to keep the sweats n flashes away. Best to only dose once a day little as possible (2mg or less) as you could get into a routine. You have to dicipline yourself when using an aid… it gonna be tough but if you want to be clean it will happen because methadone is a longer acting opiate n takes longer to leave the body…i hope the best of luck to you… you can always turn here if u need people to talk to as many are friendly and know what your going though…

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Yes your right see I didn’t know that four years ago when I started but now I’m on 95 mg was on 100 mg but the last week I have been slowly trying to detox down because it has became a dependentce more then a aid if that makes sense but thanks for ur help

Not prescribed it. So far not abusing it. I def do not want to become addicted as a friend died from cirrhosis of the liver from subs last week. It helped prompt me to quit actually. Been rough bc i was just promoted at work but its been going better then i thought. 48 hours in so far. So proud of myself lol.

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