Day 1… the start of my healing

Today starts my journey of being free from the burdens stemming from my alcohol use. I broke down when my husband told me he knows of all of my “hidden” drinking. I tried to tell
Myself he didn’t know. But of course he knows. My kids know. And I try to hide it. I want to remember my days and not wake up sick every morning. I want a healthy life. I want to be present. I want this so bad. I am scared but I know I can do it.

This is the first time I’m sharing this to anyone but… my name is Jessica. And I am an alcoholic.


Welcome Jessica! I suggest checking in here everyday in the checking in thread


Thank you! I will take all the tools and advice I can get. I am new to this app and my goodness I didn’t realize the support I see within an all of the things I relate too. I’m truly excited.


Nice to meet you, Jessica! I’m also pretty new here and I have found a lot of support and motivation on this app after I decided to quit drinking. Reach out here anytime, there’s always someone to talk to. :sparkling_heart:


Welcome Jessica!


Hi Jessica, I’m glad your here and thank you for sharing your with us.
This community here has helped me so much it’s like the people here have held my hand through the bad and the good times and your hand held will be held too along this journey.
Nice to meet you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome Jessica!!! My husband also revealed to me that he knew where I hide my bottles and I was shocked. I thought I was so good and found the best spots considering I had been hiding my excessive drinking for years. I also am a mom and desired to get well and I can tell you it’s worth it. I am 67 days sober today and am loving life and myself again. Our secrets keep us sick, consider it a blessing that your husband knows… now he can support you with getting sober. This place has been my go to for support and it’s also replaced my social media since I spend so much time on here reading and learning. You can do this!!! Just always say no to that first drink. Someone always says that here, and it stuck with me. I wish you the very best :yellow_heart:


Welcome Jessica :purple_heart: